Amazing Swiss Roll Cake Recipe 30 Min

Today We’re making the most delicious Swiss Roll Cake Recipe ever so let’s get started first off set your oven to 350 nice and toasty we want to separate four large room-temperature eggs and it is important to not get any yolks in the white so separating these into two separate bowls one at a time. My yolk goes in one bowl and the egg white goes in another.

you can use a hand mixer for this by the way you don’t have to use a stand mixer very proud of myself for not mixing this up. you know if we’re separating egg whites into a bowl we’re going to be whipping them up into a delicious meringue and that meringue has millions of little bubbles in it which will expand and puff our Swiss roll cake up grab your stand mixer and whisk attachment or your hand mixer.

Preparing the Pan and Meringue

if you’re doing that we’re going to add a quarter cup of granulated sugar and whip this on high for about five minutes that’ll puff things up nicely sugar goes in the mixer increase to high while that mixes up grab your 12 by 17-inch sheet pan add some butter to the bottom to do add some parchment paper right on as well and are also going to grease the parchment paper.

we want to release nicely with this and not have anything sticking buttery fingers, so stiff nice this is gonna get folded into our batter and make everything lovely but for now set this aside. it’s time to deal with the egg yolks and the rest of the stuff. I’m adding in the remaining half cup of sugar that’s 100 grams a quarter cup of vegetable oil. a quarter teaspoon of salt.

You go a little contrast to two teaspoons of vanilla for a little bit of extra flavor. We’re gonna whip this up for two minutes until it is light and fluffy. then we’ll add the remaining ingredients you wouldn’t want to add the flour in right now because it would over mix pop that on two minutes on high that looks great a beautiful light pastel lemony color.

Creating the Batter and Baking

Now I’m just going to measure this out in a separate Bowl if you could dump it in if you wanted to I want half a cup or 60 grams of all-purpose flour. I would have used so much flour if I just scooped it up like that because this quarter cup scoops 48 grams, I also want a quarter cup or 25 grams of cocoa powder. I’m using Dutch process which is a beautiful dark and has a fudgy color and texture to it. You could use natural cocoa powder if you wanted.

Finally to help our egg whites out half a teaspoon of baking powder, sift into the bowl directly you always want to sift things like this because cocoa powder is so lumpy it just is there’s a lot of fat in it and it just tends to to Clump. I’m going to mix this on low until it’s just combined.

While that mixes grab your egg whites we’re going to fold this in and make the most amazing Swiss roll cake ever I’ve even told you this is one of my all-time favorite Swiss roll cakes it’s so light and creamy but rich and decadent and soft and amazing. it’s my birthday cake maybe some raspberries or strawberries on the side is a Swiss roll it’s like an ultra like a slightly different Swiss roll because a Swiss roll is filled with whipped cream.

Swiss Roll Cake Recipe

I’m going to fold the egg whites in several batches the first batch is sacrificial you will lose so many bubbles but it’ll lighten the mixture up. so three batches plop that in and we’re gonna fold which means you’re scraping the bottom down and then cutting through the middle and repeating that so you’re mixing gently so you don’t pop all of those meringue bubbles.

but like I said you’re going to pop a lot of them in this first batch the first batch is sacrificing itself so the next batch can go forward and maintain its light texture. you want to mix until you see almost no streaks of white so it’ll take a minute or two of folding but it’s relaxing and it’s kind of mesmerizing.

Chocolate Cake

There is so much more volume to this batter transfer this to your prepared pan and look at that now use an offset spatula to gently spread it out to the edges it’s paper thin but that’s fine this is almost the trickiest part because you want to make sure you have a nice even layer. so try not to have any hidden Mounds this bakes up so quickly.

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there’s no time to self-level in the oven paper-thin layer is ready to go into the oven at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes or until that Center is springing to the touch you go while our Cake’s baking grab a smooth kitchen towel, not a terry cloth one with a ton of texture and we’re gonna dust it pretty generously with cocoa powder here.

Rolling the Swiss roll cake

This is what we’re going to roll the cake up in so don’t choose your very favorite fancy kitchen towel because cocoa powder is not the easiest to get out just dust. if you’ve ever made a roll cake you know we roll either usually in powdered sugar but for a chocolate one we’re gonna roll in cocoa powder and now all you have to do is wait.

I will tell you in the next step you have to move quickly you cannot do half measures you’re going to confidently plop that Swiss roll cake right onto here with like one motion. don’t try and do it halfway because then you could break the Swiss roll cake or no just be confident it’ll all work out. it might be a little bit messy my cake is hot out of the oven. Grab a little knife and run it just along the edge to make sure nothing’s stuck and now you can’t touch this it’s burning hot no this baked for like 12 and a half minutes.

Easy Swiss Roll Cake Recipe

by the way, if you overbake your Swiss roll cake it will crack when you roll it. so here’s the moment we talked about with confidence and joy in your heart but then it’s stuck so now pry this up I just got these sheet pans they’re nice but. here we go lift that paper off the top amazing starting at the short end we’re just going to roll this up so roll tight but not too tight you don’t want to crush the Swiss roll cake.

Swiss roll cake
Swiss roll cake

you just want to roll it out and now it’s going to set as you know chocolate cake will firm up a bit as it cools so while this is rolled it’ll come to room temperature slowly and it’ll remember its shape it’ll have cake muscle memory then we can unroll it roll it back up. it’ll be a beautiful delicious amazing spiral and to help things along just pop this onto a wire rack that way it has a little bit of airflow underneath this needs to cool for about two hours.

Making Whipped Cream and Ganache

Toward the end of that, we’ll make our whipped cream and ganache. it might have cracked a little bit so I did make a new batch of batter I just want to tell you it only took 10 minutes to make the whole batter when I was just like trying to hurry. if you ever wondered if this looks nice how long does it take 10 minutes just to make it? if you’re just going then I can still eat the other one.

it’ll just be a secret Swiss roll cake recipe number two is cool so right now we’re gonna make our filling and the ganache at the same time and assemble this Swiss roll cake it’s so quick and easy one and a half cups or 360 mL of cream heavy whipping cream. mind you one teaspoon of vanilla and a quarter cup of powdered sugar mix this up start on low and then work to high.

while that’s just getting started I measured out three-quarters of a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and half a cup of cream. this is going to go into my microwave to scald. so maybe about 50 seconds in the microwave don’t over-mix your whipped cream okay? move it up to high as soon as my whipped cream starts leaving noticeable trails in the mixer I’ll stop.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake Recipe

this is nice like this is a nice soft almost right Peak just finish it off by hand and that way you know it’s going to be the perfect consistency the cream should be on the firmer side but you don’t want to curdle it and turn it into sweet butter cream’s. ready there we go that’s a nice like substantial stiff peak and we’re using powdered sugar.

because it often has corn starch in it which can kind of firm things up a little bit as well excellent that is ready I’m gonna check my cream right now 55 seconds in the microwave. my cream is really hot and steamy I’m gonna pour this over my chocolate chips and just let that stand for about 10 minutes. that’s about as long as I need to fill this Swiss roll cake and get it all set up so it’s gonna work out.

Assembling the Swiss Roll Cake Recipe

Carefully unroll your cake and full disclosure once again I sped up the cooling process by putting it outside. look at that and see how that’s not cracked it’s just keeping its shape beautiful. all right spread this into a nice even layer and get it right into the curl on the inside of the Swiss roll cake. we’re going to roll this up now you want to be gentle with the roll at the beginning so there we go.

You’re going to carefully transfer this onto a wire rack now we’re going to get our chocolate ganache together but just wash your hands. first I’m going to add a teaspoon of oil in here if you want to you could use coconut oil. this is Veggie oil stir this together and hopefully it all stirs nicely because it looks horrible but then look it’s nice and silky and amazing it just might have a few lumps while my ganache cools.

Finishing Touches To Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

just a bit it’s a little thin right now I’m using a brush and as an optional step just dusting off some of the extra cocoa powder now for the fun part we’re going to spoon the ganache all over the top. you can use the back of your spoon for the sides but expect some to drip down that’s just how it works you can let this set up in the fridge before you slice it or if you’re adventurous like I try and transfer it. we get a chance to make this Swiss roll cake recipe.

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