History of Mughal Empire

Bahadur Shah Zafar Last Mughal Emperor of India

Bahadur Shah Zafar Last Mughal Emperor of India. Only two royal families in the world have passed away like this. Whose story no matter how hard one’s heart is. But his eyes also get wet. One of which is the dynasty of Khilafat-e-Banu Abbas. Many of the residents were seen begging in the Jama Masjid of Baghdad without their clothes. When the other is that family of India.

One of whose sons, Fard, founded the Mughal Empire in fifteen hundred and twenty-six, and whose greatness and husband’s talk spread to the whole world. Some parts were also included, but when he kept the sword and made the taje Shahi his jewel, he made Zulm and his poet, then Daste Fitrat came into action in such a way that Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal, had to say in his own life how much Unfortunately.

History of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Zafar didn’t even get two yards of land for burial in Yar and he had to be buried in a desert somewhere far away from India after a long and painful death. When Muslims and Hindustan had to fight the war of freedom and they decided to give their command to the old Mughal emperor, they did not know that in this rickety house. Now they are not strong enough to bear the burden of the nations while Umar did not even have the emperor. Nor did his financial condition allow him to stand before the British.

But it was the necessity of the situation that the administration of this war was handed over to that emperor. Who had nothing but an empty treasury to pay the army. But despite this, this war was so terrifying for the British that according to one, if it were not for the convenience they had, then this India would have become the slaughter of those few thousand Englishmen who came here due to the necessity of trade.

Bahadur Shah Zafar’s Biography

It was not only for the Muslims but also for India that after the failure in the War of Independence, they had to live in the slavery of the British for years, while those princes, who had never been seen directly by Chashm Shams, except the last Mughal emperor, were naked. Foot was taken prisoner and then after some time it was decided that Bahadur Shah Zafar would not be tried in India but in colors. When this royal convoy arrived at the port of Rangoon in a barge with thirty-five male prisoners.

An Englishman Captain Nelson Davis was present to collect it. He wrote down the king and his recovery. And he came to his residence with the king of the third largest sultanate in the world. And now the issue for him was that Bahadur Shah Zafar was a prisoner. But his name was accompanied by the title of Shah-i-Hindustan. And it was against the ban to put such a person in a common jail. He came up with an interesting solution to this matter by giving the garage of his house the status of a jail cell for the old and ailing emperor who was the last sign of Taimur.

The Mughal Empire

He was imprisoned there and then remained a prisoner of the same garage for four years until that November 7, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. given On which Nelson immediately recovered and tried to understand the situation. And when he reached the door of this garage. So he saw that painful scene. Whose eyewitness has paid him something like this. While the orderly stood at the head of the king’s bed, holding a lamp, Nelson advanced to find the king’s blanket lying half on the bed and half on the floor.

Although his bare head was on the pillow, but his neck was visible, the veins of the king’s neck were forgotten, while flies were buzzing on his mouth. I had never seen so much poverty on the face, I could not see anyone’s face. Rather, seeing him, it was suspected that perhaps a beggar’s body had been lying on the death bed in his place, and the pleading of a free breath was clearly visible on his face.

The King’s Funeral

As Captain Nelson put his hand on her neck, she realized that perhaps it was too late for the caravan of life to pass through the forest of old veins. At that time, only two princes of the king of Rangoon, one Shahzada and the other Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim Dehlavi, were called, who came and wrapped the shroud of Hasratzada, and just like that, the king’s funeral was done and now his burial was the last of India’s in Rangoon.

Even two yards of land was not available for the TajdarBurial was done when water was being sprinkled on the turbat. So in the mind of Hafiz Ibrahim Dehlavi, September 30, nineteen thirty-seven began to roam. When the fresh shahi was being placed on the head of this sixty-two old man. And apart from Delhi, people from all over India were coming to witness this good fortune. And the king was present before them all in one. But today, there was not even one person standing at the head of his grave.

Death of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Hafiz Ibrahim’s eyes were full of tears. He took off his shoes and stood by the grave and repented. God knows, this was Majeed’s request. Hafiz was of Ibrahim’s neck. Or seeing the effect of Bahadur Shah Jafar’s helpless death in Garibul homeland. Along with which the sun also became cold forever. If you ever happen to go, even today you will find families belonging to the race of Bahadur Shah Zafar in the smelly slums of Dragon House Ship.

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He is the son of the last Mughal emperor who is growing up on the government. She sleeps on the dirt ground, begs and eats and lives a life. Despite this, these people call themselves princes and princesses and tell their stories. After hearing this, people leave for their homes. When these people go out to the city, it is clearly written on their faces that those rulers who cannot protect their sultanate and their own races are forced to live the life of the executioners by becoming victims of slavery.

But despite this, our rulers have never expressed their willingness to learn lessons from history. And they still think of themselves as the same Bahadur Shah Zafar. And there is no doubt about this fact that whenever time decides to take revenge on someone, then no power in the world comes forward to save him. And like Shah-i-Iran or Saddam Hussain, they too remain a target.

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