Easy Rasgulla Recipe 2023

Rasgulla Recipe here we have cold refrigerator milk, full fat, so we turn it on the stove, which is one. liter four cups, basically like you heat milk, the milk we have here is about to come up. So just stir it a little and turn off the stove. And now we just wait, we will shake it for thirty seconds, and we will tear it after thirty seconds. have three tablespoons of water, and in it, we add three tablespoons of vinegar.

If you want, you can tear it with lemon or tear it with vinegar as per your choice. If you wish, we are adding these one, two, and these three, dilute it a little with vinegar and water, half and half, plain vinegar is white, without any flavor, without any color, so let’s do one thing, now let’s do one thing, we add it one tablespoon at a time. It’s like we put this and we will stir it a little, we will stir it a little, see how the milk is convinced that it is not turning into tea.

Add Ingridents In Rasgulla

There is something else going on, let’s add one more tablespoon, we will stir it very gently. Look, it has started curdling, let’s add one more, a little cottage cheese has started coming in the middle. hat our cheese and this water are getting separated, so now we will just leave it like this for a while and wait. Well, milk also depends on the milk. Sometimes it is used more than you thought.

Like vinegar or lemon, if you feel that it has not curdled, you can add one more tablespoon and sometimes it happens If we wait for five minutes, it will completely separate, but it is necessary for the green water to separate, yellow or green, whatever it is. otherwise, there will be a wastage of milk because if the filter is not correct then the milk will be wasted. Now this is completely separate water and cheese, just let us give it a minute and then we will strain.

Rasgulla Recipe With Easy Steps

See, I have kept a big vessel here and a strainer-type thing on top of it and a muslin cloth on top. so let us strain it and hold it from all four corners. And we will squeeze it a little. Just keep it and if you want, you can wash it under the tap and you can do it here too. We will pour cold water so that this cheese cools down and the sourness also goes away. Open it a little and wash it well.

Let’s take it, now squeeze it, turn it in a circular motion again, and take it out. Let’s wash it one more time. See how happy Paneer is, he took a bath in cold water. Now it has cooled down completely. Now strain it well, and squeeze out all the water. So see, no water is coming out from it at all. If you want, you can hang it somewhere or keep it in a strainer for a while.

Sweets Recipes

We have removed the maximum water, so now we put it in a vessel, in four cups of milk one liter. This is our Paneer-made but obviously Rasgulla. So enough will be made, let’s quickly wear gloves and soften the paneer a little i.e. give it a massage, so now we just have to rub it so that it becomes soft, it becomes smooth, it is crumbly. After finishing it, we have to make it soft and smooth, that is, now you can rub it the way you like it. feel free.

And it will take at least six to seven minutes to do this. Then with time, Chamcham came. So I used to miss Rasgullas a lot because it is so sweet. milk-type cheese and then a cold and interesting syrup is coming along with it, not that the syrup is very thick and this is Like the rasgullas are made, Now there is another way to see Rasgulla that it has been done.

Now Make Balls With Paneer

Now you can also make it with a ball and see if it becomes a crack-free ball, then it means otherwise. If you do it for two more minutes, see what you see, then we will do it a little bit more. Look, it is very good. Make syrup. So look, here we have a big pot, we won’t take a small one, because they bloom a lot, double a lot. Look, I have taken a very deep and big pot, so turn it on the stove, put water in it,

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Four cups of water and one cup of sugar, this is our granulated powder. It doesn’t matter and if you want, you can add one and a half cups of sugar. I think one cup is perfect. Let’s shake it a little and add four small cardamoms. So sometimes we will shake it a little bit. So now we come and make Rasgulla balls of our favorite size. Basically, make it a little smaller because it gets too big for the flower. So, we take a small one, press it, and make it well, then just keep it as a ball. Let’s go.

Our sugar has dissolved. So what do we do now our little balls have become balls too. So what we do at this point is that we set the stove to high, and cover it. Basically, we need a very good boil. Let’s get the last one and now we are waiting for the boil to come. Look, it’s boiling very well. All the little bubbles are happy, happy. We will put our balls in the boiling syrup.

Garnish And Serve Rasgulla

It is necessary to boil the paneer, it is necessary to have full flame. Now we will cover it and let it cook in this way. It is important to boil continuously for five to seven minutes. See how our kaputas became kaputas. You saw the round kaputas. That’s why I said that it is important to have a big pan, which is not flat, but a little deep. It should be big so that they get space.

Now let’s open it. It has been about seven minutes. Now we keep it a little medium high. From high to medium-high, If you want, if you like, you can turn it a little bit with light hands just like this. We cooked it on medium and covered it on high for eight minutes, so now it’s time to test whether our rasgullas will cook or not, then this is plane water.

If it is cooked, Rasgulla is not soaked. We dish it out, then we will eat it cold-cold and keep it in the fridge. Let’s garnish it with a little pistachio. See how quickly it turned out to be rasgulles. If I drip Rasgulla it, there is a bunch of water in it, that’s why it looks so juicy, juicy. that the net is made and it is full of juice. Now put it in the fridge

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