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Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs 2023

How to apply The Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs has made a great announcement for Balochistan. Male Females can apply online from all over Balochistan. Other than that if you have graduated in any field and have a one-year diploma in computer science from VIT then you have a great chance to apply for the election commission of Pakistan.

if data ends up applying to Dupater from all over Balochistan, apart from applying online, you have to download it from the application and which documents to attach with it. I will tell you the complete and easy way in this end Also, for job information and visit. I have already uploaded many posts on federal and professional government jobs, for which I have explained in detail how to apply for ECP Jobs.

Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs 2023

Applications are required under the online requirement system at box eighty-six GPO for local domicile men and women of Balochistan in the job attachment election commission of Pakistan, Your age is eighteen. Must be twenty-eight years. Apart from this, an eight-year lecture government gives you more. That is, you can apply for it from eighteen to thirty-six years.

The Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs’s total number of hundred armies is fifty. My height is 41 from Balochistan. Five women, three minorities, and one disabled quota. Basic degree You must have a one-year Diploma in Computer or IT along with it. If you have done BCS or BS Computer Science then you can also apply for it.

ECP Jobs 2023

In addition, you know the working of Microsoft and your typing speed should be in your 40s. Strong verbal recommunication. Ability to transfer data from paper to digital form Urdu typing comes to you. In addition, you know how to use the Internet and e-mail. All interested candidates can apply online at their official website within 20 days.

All such candidates will play online on their official website. playing online application form available on their official website. You have to get it printed. You have to fill it out and attach all your documents with it. attested in which your card, two recent photographs, educational certificates, local domicile, and IT diploma are attached to this application form.

ECP Jobs Apply

Sent to this Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs address within twenty days at box number eighty-six. That means that along with applying online, you have to send your documents there in hard form as well. Eight years of relationship is given to you further apply through the government. Apart from this, only shortlisted candidates will be called for tests and interviews.

This is the application form, let me tell you in detail how to download it. You can visit the ECP website on how to apply. You have to search ECP Careers in Google, this first website will come in front of you, online requirement system of ECP, you have to open it, and this link will come in front of you, in this link you have mentioned in the description of the Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs.

ECP Jobs 2023

Post you will be able to apply online directly from there by clicking on it. In the last corner, you have to see the post advertised by the provisional Election Commission Balochistan job available. You can see a total of fifty rupees. You are already registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan, so you must log in. Otherwise, click on the register button.

First of all, enter your name here, date of birth father. name email complete write your post status here write complete here set your regional JIC number enter here dash you don’t have to enter your login password confirm password also set gender here Set meritor status, then apply from the district and set district. Your domicile should be in Balochistan.

Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs

Write your contact number here. Refer test and interview station. You have to set Balochistan. What is your higher education? You have to set the Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs name of the degree, what is your name, write it here and paint marks, work experience, if you have any, if you are already working somewhere, then section it, what is your typing speed.

In English, they should write here short and if there is any speed, then it is ok, then set it to zero, If you are a government employee, then set it to yes, otherwise leave it as no, if you are making a claim, then Change it to yes otherwise change it to new this security code you have to do better here click on I certified and click agree to register button then your registration will be done.

ECP Jobs 2023

you have to click on login time. Here you have to enter your CNIC password and this security code. As soon as you log in, such a dashboard will appear in front of you. Job detail information will appear in front of you. First, you have to click on the edit profile button. The Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs form you filled out at the time of registration. You will also be given a user ID there.

That registration form will remain the same as yours. If you want to change it, then you can change it by clicking on update personal detail, otherwise, you have to leave it as it is. you can see below the education qualification, you have to add all your education here one by one, first, you have to click on matric, inter, graduate, and master to add new education.

Election Commission Advertisement Page
Election Commission Advertisement Page

You will write the title of the degree here. Board ministry from where you studied. You have to write the passing year, software, total mark, grade division, and subject here. If you click on add education, your metric education will be added here. you have to click on Enter graduation master one by one and add new education. If you have a mistake in an entry, you can delete it from here and re-enter. if you are already working somewhere,

Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs 2022

If you have any work experience, then you have to click on End new experience. You can enter all your information here. If you are applying fresh, then you have left it blank. you have to click on the available job, you will click on the apply now button, and then this form that you filled out, all your personal information, and education experience will appear in front of you, apply for this ECP Jobs.

If you click on it, you will apply online and the message will also be shown on the screen. After playing online, you have to download the application form from here. Here on the form, you will attach your pictures. You have to do this from the above two boxes that you are seeing. For official use, you will start with the name proper.

You have to fill it all. you have attached all the education documents and other experience certificates which are attested, maybe you have to send them to this address. the Election Commission Of Pakistan Jobs I upload any such federal or official government job on the notification in time. In addition, if you want to play online, fill out this form.

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