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Lecturer Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 Apply Online

Lecturer Jobs, associate professors, and professors have been announced at a university in Saudi Arabia. Males and females from Pakistan can also apply. Along with a free visa, residence, and round-trip tickets, you will also be given a huge salary of Rs 11,000. You will get benefits, what are the positions, what are the requirements, and how do you guys apply, I will share all the details

These Lecturer Jobs, associate professors, and professors have been announced in Arab Open University T present in Arabia. Viewers, if I tell you here, then you can see that the date you are seeing here, these Lecturer Jobs have been announced as 23 November 2023. it is not much longer, 12 to 14 days have passed since these Lecturer Jobs were announced and here they have divided these jobs into three categories, meaning different faculty have told which people. You can apply for Lecturer Jobs.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The Lecturer Jobs announced here are for lecturers, associate professors, and professors. Now this does not mean that the same qualification is required if you have done Masters. 16 years of education is BS Hons MA MSc with no B.Ed of any kind required. No professional degree is required. if you have done Master then yoMasterpply for the lecturer’s seat. If you have done an M.Phil then you Lecturer and an Associate Professor can apply for both seats.

if you are a PhD scholar then you can apply for all three seats Lecturer, Associate Professor, and Professor but those whose qualification is just a Master’s and have 16 years of education then they are only Those who are eligible can apply for the lecturer’s seat, I will share the details of these three categories with you. First of all, let us talk about the Faculty of Language Studies, and which subjects can apply for it.

Saudi Arabia Jobs for Pakistani

I will see the details above. As I click, you viewers will see what there is of the career portal, the next page will and open in front of us, as soon as it opens, I share it with you people, so you can see it is open. To catries that are coming here are English Literature and Applied Language. Now there is a lecturer’s seat, there is an associate professor’s seat, and also a professor’s seat.

Now whatever is your qualification, from Masters to above. Concerning English Literature and Applied Language, you can apply in this category. Now if we talk about some qualifications, then they are saying that the position is in the same rank as I have told you. Minimum of two years of experience is required. Whatever degree you have, it is obvious that here not only Pakistanis will apply, Afghans, Indians Bangladeshis will also apply, too.

Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

if people from different countries apply for Lecturer Jobs, then there is something like the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan. Then your degree should be recognized by HEC. if the applicant has good respect for deadlines and good communication, then they can apply. Faculty of Computer Studies comes second. Now this is concerning Computer Studies.

These three ranks of jobs are available. What is required is Artificial Intelligence concerning Cyber ​​Security. In computer science, you have a Master’s, M.Phil., or P.H.D., then whatever you have in this computer studies, whatever you have in Ed, you can apply for this also, whatever qualification, ranks, experience, everything is the same. Third, it is related to business studies and the things inside it are different, you can see accounting.

Saudi Arabia Jobs

People from the State can apply, Mathematics people can apply and here people from the Pay Management System can apply, the qualifications and experience will remain the same. Before you have a CV, it should be a cover letter. Next, I will share with you what things have to be added to the cover letter. I will also share with you what things have to be added to the CV.

How can you make a professional type of CV and cover letter or can you take it yourself? now it is simple, click here to apply, you have to click on it, and as soon as you click on it, they do not have any portal, they do not have any application form. if you come into computer science then you will go inside the ad for computer science, then click on apply forLecturer Jobs.

Lecturer Jobs Documents

And you will add your name, what is your nationality, are you Saudi? Or if you are non-Saudi, then it is obvious that we are non-Saudi. What is your gender? I am a male. What is your age? You have to simply add that age here. If you are 20 years old, how much is it? You have to add it here. After this you have to add your mobile number, you have to add the mobile number along with the country code, and the email address here.

If there is an email address, I copy it from here, I copied it and I have come here, I added it inside the email, after that, ave add the address, your address should be complete if you are a society somewhere. Inside you live in the city, your address will be something like this House Number One Street Number.

Lecturer Jobs Qualification

See the qualification here, who has what qualification, you are a bachelor, now bachelor, do you know who is being taken, BS Honors is being taken at the international level, like our Pakistan there. But it is not so that at the international level, the Bachelor is considered a Master, the BS which is there is considered a Master, the M.Phil, PhD so for example, you have done your 16 years of education. If you have M.Phil then you will click on Bachelors.

After that here is what kind of specialization is done in Accounting, State, Maths, or anything else. What is meant is that there are some equivalent degrees, for example le, if you are applying for Computer Science, then Bs IT people can also do it, Software Engineering people can also do it, CompthatEngineering people can also do it, the graduation year will come here, when has your degree been completed, then give.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani

After that, from which university have you completed your graduate university, I am taking the example of Multan, so I am writing here You have done it from Multan, and after that, you have to add how many years of experience your teaching experience, for example, mine is three years, desired workplace is a very important thing here, this is our What is nearby are the Lecturer Jobs here, meaning they have campuses here, like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Madinaworkplacea, Hail, Hasa, you are interested in Madina.

So we will put the check on the current salary, where you are teaching, what is your salary there, then you have to add here that if I am 45 years old, then no private sector in Pakistan provides that much salary. Maybe someone who is a good person provides it but I don’t think so then you write some suitable salary here like if you want to see further here then you can mention the good salary here because the salary is there.

Salary package

For the masters who are in the lecturer’s seat, it is 9000 l. As you are, the associate professor’s salary is 11000 l. The rest is on the professor’s seat, it is 10in long. And Majeed, the benefits are also very high, You will write the salary where it is Rs 45000 and you will mention the expected salary in the reels which they have mentioned along with it.

So that is the salary that I have extracted from the information, I explored it a bit and this is the salary I am getting. The lecturer’s salary is rial 9000, the Associate Professor’s salary is rial 11000, and the Professor’s salary is rial 1000. If you want to mention the salary here then add it. it should have a teaching philosophy, and it should have research and publications.

Saudi Arabia Jobs Apply Online

All these things have to be added to the cover letter. Experience, after doing all this, it will be simple for viewers. You will come to the add file. You will merge both the CV and totter inside one PDF file. After merging, add it. By clicking on the file, for example, I have uploaded a PDF file, now simple, I will click on the submit button, as I click on the submit button here.

But the processing has started and here, we have received a notification from them, they are saying that your response has been recorded, it is yours and your application has been submitted, now your Gmail will be on it. A notification may also have come from Arab University Open University, you can open it too, now as soon as the last date is over and their next processing will start, the complete details will be shared with you in the selection.

Now you will open your browser here and after coming here you will write ‘Arab Open University Career’. You have to write only this, remember it well. Take a screenshot of this Arab Open University Career, as soon as you enter it from here, you will see this, the first link of Career Opportunity has come, you will click on it, take this, we have reached the same page, now you are from here. You can apply easily for Lecturer Jobs In Saudi Arabia.

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