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Sons Of Aurangzeb Alamgir Azam Shah 1653-1707

Sons Of Aurangzeb Alamgir Azam Shah 1653-1707. Alamgir Aurangzeb, who ruled the throne of the Mughal Empire for twenty years with glory and majesty, finally died on March 3, 1717, at the age of eighty-eight. It gave the Sultanate a new lease of life and continuity. But with his death, Jalal went to the Mughal Sultanate and all remained together in his kingdom.

Aurangzeb had left the Sultanate for his children, perhaps they were not able to manage and manage it, and as fast as Aurangzeb, the borders of the Sultanate were reduced. After Aurangzeb, the borders of the Sultanate became smaller and there was a time when the borders of the Sultanate were only up to Delhi. Because of this, a new throne war was about to start among his three sons. At the time of Aurangzeb’s death, only three of his five sons were alive. The name of the eldest son was Shahzada Mohajjam.

History of Sultan Azam Shah

After which Shahzada Azam Shah and then Shahzada Kambaksh speak first. About Shahzada Mohazzam, the eldest son of Aurangzeb. Shahzada Muazzin was born on October 4, 1643, in Burhanpur during the reign of Shah Jahan. His mother’s name was Nawabbai. At the age of only ten in sixteen hundred and fifty-three, Shah Jahan made his grandson Mohajjam the vizier. He held the position for six years. During the reign of his father, Shahzada Mohajjam was appointed as the governor of the Deccan in 1663.

During this time, Shivaji started attacking the Darul Hokumat of Mughal Deccan, Aurangabad, and its suburbs. However due to his young age and lack of experience, Shahzada Mohajjam could not stop those attacks. On which Aurangzeb sent his most capable commander Raja Jai Singh to defeat Shivaji. Shivaji was defeated by Jai Singh in 1667 and in 1667 Prince Muazzam was again made the governor of Deccan while Jaswant Singh was made his vizier.

Mughal Empire

Rebelled against his Aurangzeb. It is possible that this rebellion was done at the instigation of the Marathas, but this rebellion was easily defeated by Aurangzeb’s forces. After this rebellion, he was presented in the Mughal court where Alamgir forgave him. He did so but kept him under his watch for the next several years. In 1680, when Alamgir Rajput was in the process of suppressing rebellions, his son rebelled against him again, but unfortunately.

This rebellion was also thwarted and again Mughal presented in the court and again pardoned his son on behalf of Aurangzeb. In sixteen hundred and eighty-one, another son of Aurangzeb, Shahzada Akbar, rebelled against him. To crush this rebellion, Prince Muazzam was sent to the Deccan. Failing to arrest his brother, Aurangzeb ordered him to move towards the Konkan region to prevent his brother Akbar from fleeing the country but failed to capture Dabara.

The Great Mughals History

The reason for this was that Aurangzeb kept thinking of all the mistakes made by Muazzam that he is not, and that is why he does this. He refused to give the sultanate, but during this time, while keeping a close eye on Aurangzeb’s spy, and within a few days, the transfer of betrayal between Abul Hasan. This was something that could not be understood, but it was treason against this form, and on the orders of Aurangzeb, Moazzam and his sons were imprisoned and his close relatives were sentenced to death.

The rest of his family, such as his concubines, his daughters, and his sons who did not join him in the rebellion, were sent away and ordered not to cut their nails or hair for six months. He was denied good food or cold water, after which he had to first get permission from the emperor to meet anyone. At the same time, some of his spies were stationed in his harem to keep an eye on him, and his family was ordered to leave the Deccan to India and prohibited from undertaking any military campaign in the Deccan under Aurangzeb’s rule.

Biography of Azam Shah

Now let’s talk about Aurangzeb’s second son Shahzada Azam. The full name of Shahzada Adam was Qutbuddin Muhammad Azam, who was born on June 28, 1653, in Burhanpur during the reign of Shah Jahan. Azam’s name was Bano Begum they belonged to The famous royal family of Iran was from the Safvi family and was the princess of that family, Prince Azam Shah belonged to the Safi family on his side, while on his mother’s side, he belonged to the Safi family, which he greatly respected.

In Aurangzeb’s eyes, Shahzada Azam Shah married four times in his life. His first marriage was on May 13, 1668, to Raja Dehuj Singh.It was a political marriage with the daughter of Azam. His second marriage was with his cousin Shahzadi Jahanzeb Bano Begum, who was the daughter of Dara Shikoh. Rahmat Bano was Azam’s fourth marriage, also a political one. This marriage took place in 1681 with the daughter of Ali Adil Shah Dom of the royal family of Bejapur, apart from Shahzada Azam’s marriage with his uncle’s daughter.

Governor of Gujarat

The rest of the three marriages were political so that they could be strengthened and if there was a fight for the throne, Azam Shah could be given full support for it. In 1685, Aurangzeb sent his son Azam Shah with an army of about 50,000 soldiers to occupy the fort and defeat its ruler, Sikandar Adil Shah, who refused to become a vassal of the Mughal Sultanate.

But due to the use of cannons by both of them, Azam Shah could not achieve any success and Aurangzeb had to go to Aurangzeb himself on September 4, 1686, after eight days the Mughals were victorious from 1699 to 1711. Shahzada Azam Shah was also the governor of Malwa and Bengal, during which he successfully captured the territory of Kamroop, after which he was also the governor of Gujarat from seventeen hundred one to seventeen hundred six.

Humayun’s Tomb

How did he forget his youth and prince’s life he was born on March 7, 1667, in Delhi. Prince Qambaksh married three times in his life. Alamgir left this world without adopting any of his sons and only one. After this will, after me divide this Sultanate among themselves, after which Shahzada Azam Shah and the three Shahzadas fought a bloody battle for the throne. He left and as soon as he reached there, he also appointed himself Sultan and issued coins bearing his name.

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Aurangzeb’s first battle was between his sons, Azam Shah and Prince Muazzam, to get the throne. At that time, his eldest son Shahzada Moazzam was in an area twelve miles from Peshawar in present-day Pakistan. His second son Azam Shah was in Ahmednagar in present-day India. He was also a loyal vizier. He advised that whoever of these three princes reached Agra first would be the next Sultan of the Mughal Sultanate because he knew that if the Sultanate was divided into three or four parts, this Sultanate would soon be divided.

The distance from Agra to Agra was seven hundred and fifteen miles, while the distance from Ahmednagar to Agra was seven hundred miles. As a result of this war, Ayy and his sons died and those who died in this war and his sons were buried in Humayun’s tomb. Azam Shah was the Sultan of the Mughal Empire for only three months. He sat on the throne of the Mughal Empire on June 20, 1707, and was killed by his brother on June 20, 1707.

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