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Sultan Mehmed II-History of Mehmed the Conqueror

Sultan Mehmed II-History of Mehmed the Conqueror. He was the seventh Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Muhammad II. The world also knows him as Sultan Ahmed Fatih. This is the same Sultan Muhammad. who conquered the famous city of Constantinople and ended the empire forever. Sultan Muhammad was born on 30 March 1432 AD in the city of Adrian.

His father, Sultan Murad II, was the sixth king of the Ottoman Empire. In 1444 AD, the first sultan ascended the throne at the age of twelve when his father Sultan was defeated by the Europeans after the death of his son Shahzad Mustafa, but when the European forces he learned that Sultan Morad had abdicated and only twelve Sultan Muhammad was ruling the Sultanate in his place, he decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

History of Sultan Mehmed II

The Europeans gathered a large army in the name of the Crusades broke the armistice agreement with Sultan Murad and invaded the Sultanate of Osmania. Now to deal with this challenge, Sultan Mahmud and his ministers requested Sultan Murad to come back and take over the throne. But they refused. According to Turkish traditions, it happened after this that Sultan Ahmad wrote a letter to his father Sultan Murad.

That if you are the Sultan, I request you to come and manage your kingdom and if I am the Sultan, I command you to come and manage the kingdom. However, Sultan Murad returned and led an Ottoman army to confront the Europeans. The Crusader and Ottoman armies fought the Battle of Gumsan at Varna in Bulgaria, in which the Ottoman Empire inflicted a crushing defeat on the Crusaders.

Mehmed the Conqueror

Sultan Murad returned victorious. Two years later, in 1446 CE, he again ascended the throne of the empire and then he died in 1451 CE. And in the same year, 1451 AD, Mahmud became the king of the Ottoman Empire for the second time. At that time, Sultan Mahmud was only nineteen years old, but his ambition was very big. Sultan Mahmud first became famous in Europe and Asia. Zamana decided to conquer the city of Kustutuniya.

Conquering this city was the dream of Muslims for almost six hundred years and the Ottoman kings who came before Sultan Mahmud had tried to conquer this city seven to eight times. Sultan decided to make this dream a reality as soon as he sat on the throne. And started preparations and planning for the conquest of Constantinople. At first, Sultan Muhammad decided to cut off Constantinople’s supply lines and make arrangements to prevent his allies from helping him.

Conquest of Constantinople

It was estimated that aid could come from two sides of Constantinople, either through the Black Sea or through the land route of Greece. One side is Asia and the other side is Europe. There was a fort on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Straits and in 1452 AD, Sultan Muhammad had the Rumeli fort repaired on the European side. And Theremely important strategic the Bosphorus Straits came under the control of the Ottoman.

Sent so that no help could come even from Europe. Now one last issue was that the artillery of the Ottomans was very weak and heavy artillery was necessary to bring down the walls of some world. A Hungarian man offered his services to solve this problem. This man, showing great skill, prepared a giant cannon named Naam. This terrible cannon was so powerful that it could fire a stone weighing two and a half kilograms up to a mile away.

Kingdom of Hungary

This constipation continued for fifty-three days. The city was bombarded from all sides. Finally, after fifty-three days, on May 29, 1453 AD, the bravest warrior of the Ottoman Empire, Seriz, broke through all the barriers entered the city, and killed Constantine XI, the last king of the Roman Empire. went and Constantinople was conquered. Along with the victory of this city, the 1500-year-old great empire of Rome was also ended.

The power and influence of the Ottoman Empire in the whole world especially in Europe increased further. Sultan Muhammad in the same year. The capital of the empire was shifted here, the repair work of the city started and people were brought here and settled here. After that, in 1456 AD, Sultan Mahmud went on a campaign to Serbia and besieged the important city of Belgrade. It was then part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Struggles of Sultan Mehmed II

The siege failed, but most of Serbia remained under Ottoman control. Then, in 1463, the Hizbyou Sultan took over the territories of Bosnia. Apart from this, Sultan Mehmood conducted a famous campaign against Rekula, the ruler of the region of Joi Lashiya. The background of this was that in the fifteenth century, there were two major powers in the Balkan region, one was the Sultanate of Osmania.

The other was a small principality between them, its name was Velesia. This is a buff between these two great forces as the two sultanates tried to control the internal affairs of Malaysia as much as possible. For this purpose, both governments used to try to fit rulers of their choice in Malaysia. There was also a village three among these rulers. Due to the oppression of which it started to go.

Ottoman Empire’s Army

Dragula was originally owned by the Ottomans. Sultan Murad captured him in a war, but then the Hungarians of Wales made a man of their choice the emperor. Be loyal to us because of. However, Walid Rekola refused to accept the influence of both Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Muhammad sent an army to bring it under the Ottoman Empire.

Walid captured almost all of the Ottoman army and put them to a painful death. Vlad then swore to kill Sultan Mahmud and defeated yet another Ottoman army. Vlad Dracula decided to further anger Sultan Mahmud. He crossed the Danube River and destroyed the settlements of the Ottoman Empire. He brutally killed women, children, the elderly, and men and set fire to the villages.

Republic of Venice

As soon as Sultan Mahmud got the news of this action of Walid, he immediately gave up everything and decided to punish Walid. When Wilayat got the news of the Sultan’s arrival, he made a strong attack on the Sultan’s camp at night. Sultan Mahmud survived but his army suffered a lot of casualties. Waleed was showing great bravery on his part, but the other powerful people of Wales and Waleed’s close associates were not at all in favor of a small state like Malaysia taking on a power like the Ottoman Empire.

And then after some time Waleed Ricula was killed by them and his head was sent to Sultan Ahmad as an apology. The Ottomans also conquered Valaisia after some time. After that, in 1663 AD, the war started between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. Vanes used to be the greatest naval power in the region at that time. This fifteen-year-long war was fought on both land and water.

The Black Sea

Finally, in 1478 AD, Sultan Mehmed’s forces reached Venice and captured the important city of Skodra. The important city fell to the Ottoman Empire and the cost of the war had to be paid by the Vanes also the Vanes had to pay an annual tax to trade in the Black Sea areas after the defeat of the Vanes. The navy became the most powerful army in the Black Sea and Sea. After that, there was a state in the neighborhood of the Ottoman Empire called Karimin Khan.

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This principality was a piece of the Sultanate of Genghis Khan. The Sultanate of Osmania chose to be included in it of its own accord. There were also many pieces of this same child of the Mongol Sultanate. Which were later conquered by the rulers of Russia and made a part of the Russian empire. Sultan Muhammad conquered seventeen such principalities and more than two hundred cities in his lifetime. The Europeans also recognized Mahmud as the king of Crimea, Bosnia, Mazdua, Asia, and the Roman Empire.

Death of Sultan Mehmed II

Appointing regular representatives to implement his vision, the Sultan created a secret agency to keep an eye on European politics and other matters, taking into account the information of the agents of this agency, propaganda campaigns were carried out by the Ottomans. Such campaigns were very effective in demoralizing the opposing army. In the year 1481 CE, Sultan Mahmud left for his last campaign. It was kept a secret about which country this campaign was against, but it is said that the Sultan’s target was Italy.

But this target could never be fulfilled and Sultan Mahmud died at the beginning of this campaign in the year 1481 AD. When the news of Sultan Mahmud’s death reached Italy and the enemies, there was a celebration in those states for several days. During his thirty-year reign, Sultan Ahmad made a large and significant increase in the area and influence of his ancestors’ empire. After the Sultan’s death, his son BaYazid II became the eighth king of the Ottoman Empire.

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