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Sultan Murad 1-Ottoman Kings Real History

Sultan Murad 1-Ottoman Kings Real History. Sultan Murad I was the son of Sultan Burhan Ghazi, who was born in 1326 AD and became the third Sultan of the Sultanate in 1366 AD. During the period of Murad Awal, the area of the sultanate increased rapidly, and in 1360 AD, the Ottoman army conquered the city of Plodio and the city of Endrianopol in Europe.

The name of this city was changed to this city was very important in Europe after it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire. In 1366 AD, this city was made the capital of the Ottoman Empire by Murad I, after which this great Ottoman Empire capital was moved from Asia to Europe. Based on administrative matters, Murad I divided the empire into two provinces.

History of Sultan Murad 1

Anatolia, which means Asia, and Romelia, which means Europe. The city was conquered in 1363 CE. In thirteen hundred and sixty-six AD, the crusade that was carried out for the help of Caesar on Pope Urban also failed. This campaign only resulted in the Turks having to leave Galipoly for a short time. But exactly one year later, the Turks conquered Murad Oval again.

But commander Lala Shaheen Pasha, despite having a relatively small army, defeated them near the Marineza River. As a result of this victory, the kingdoms of Tarakia and Macedonia were conquered and the Muslims reached southern Bulgaria and eastern Serbia. After seeing them, Serbia and the sultanate paid annual taxes to Murad Awal. On the other hand, Sultan Murad 1 extended his sultanate to the Ottoman Turks.

Sultans of the Ottoman Empire

One of the secrets of the success of the Ottoman Turks was that the principalities of that time, which were enmity in the Sultanate of Servia, , those of Venice and Geneva created complications because these two In addition, the Pope of Rome was active in this process to include Unanisa again. During this time, he continued jihad and dawat and he went to know Europe.

It was a great success of Murad Aval that John Prio Logus accepted him to be Sultan. Murad 1 ruled the Ottoman Sultanate with this skill for thirty years. No one could match him. He took part in thirty-seven battles while descending the hill of Bulandobala. He pays to the country, I am your servant, I am your devotee, you know me, I swear by your honor and glory.

History of Sultan Murad 1

Wants nothing in return This is the argument that Sultan Murad 1 had achieved in the year eighteen hundred and nineteen AD. The soldier approached Sultan Murad on the pretext of lifting him by the hand and attacked Sultan with a poison knife due to which Sultan Murad 1 was injured. On August 15, 1988, Sultan Murad died from this world wearing the crown of martyrdom.

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Sultan Murad Awal’s khaki was preserved and brought to where he was buried when a mausoleum was built at the site of his martyrdom which is known as Masjid-i Khudabandigar and still exists. Sultan Murad Abbal was who first formally transformed the Ottoman clan into the Sultanate of Usmania in thirteen hundred and eighty-three AD. Changes were brought in due to which the income of Osmania was more than the date.

Death of Sultan Murad 1

When Sultan Morad first sat on the throne, the Sultanate was ninety-five thousand kilometers and when Sultan Morad was martyred, the Sultanate had reached five hundred thousand kilometers. It means that he increased the areas of the Sultanate by five percent. Sultan Murad controlled the Sultanate so much that no one could compete at that time.

He would always return to Fateh, who increased the area of the Sultanate from five hundred thousand kilometers to nine hundred thousand kilometers, but then the same sultan was taken prisoner by the enemy and was kept in a cage for a year, and in this hardship, he died And the Sultanate-e-Osmania began to disintegrate. It seemed as if the Ottoman Sultanate would end within a hundred years of its inception.

History of Sultan Osman Ghazi 1300-1326
History of Sultan Osman Ghazi 1300-1326
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