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Sultan Murad II-6th ruler of the Ottoman Empire

Sultan Murad II-6th ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Murad II ascended the throne in 1421 AD after the death of his Walid Mohammad Chalabi. At this time, he was eighteen years old, but he proved to be a great ruler. Murad was a great fan of Jihad for the sake of Allah and he was very keen to spread the call of Islam to the European regions. He was very famous among his subjects for piety, justice, compassion, and kindness.

Sultan Murad was able to promote all internal rebellions led by his uncle Mustafa. And those who were supported by anti-national elements. Sultan Murad II was facing these conspiracies and difficulties. Behind him was the hand of only three rulers, Mani Walthani. This person, Murad’s uncle, whose name was Mustafa, was providing all kinds of aid.

History of Sultan Murad II

He even laid siege to the city of Gali-Gali to wrest it from the Sultan Murad II and make it his headquarters, but Sultan Murad arrested his uncle and executed him by execution. Conspiring against the Sultan, he seduced the real brother of the Sultan and made him the commander of the army, which captured the city of Nicaea in Anadul. He defeated the opposing forces and his opponents were forced to bow before him.

The Sultan Murad II also completed his work. And stormed to teach the king Constantine a lesson of his actions. It was not up to the Christian rulers to stop Murad’s army. The city was conquered in March 1431 AD. And it was declared a part of the Ottoman Empire forever. Sultan Murad II also suppressed the uprisings in the Balkans. So for this need, he left to take the Usmani Lashkar.

The Great Ottoman Power

The Malaysians expressed their consent to give annuity. The new king of Sharbia also bowed his head before the Ottomans. and recognized its possession. and renewed the Sultan’s friendship. Uthman’s army left for the south. And Balad took special measures for the consolidation of Ottoman power in Greece and in a very short period continued his da’wah jihad and conquered all the independent areas of Albania and Hungary.

Concentrated on the southern part of this area, called northern Albania, the Ottomans faced their toughest battle here. Failed even though Sultan Murad II was not a member of the army and when the Ottoman army retreated, he had to suffer heavy losses. The Christian countries stood behind the Albanians. And they started helping them against the Ottomans. Especially the Bandagiya government which was in danger of this.

Government Stable in Almaniya

That in its vicinity, this empire will be taken over by the Ottomans. And the coasts and ports are the only way for it to enter the Mediterranean Sea and reach the outside world. It will be taken away. And they will remain imprisoned in a small closed sea, namely Bahr al-Adliya Atiq. Thus, Sultan Murad II could not see his government stable in Almaniya.

Said the Hungarian front, the Ottomans defeated the Hungarians in 1438 AD and captured seventy thousand of their soldiers. After conquering many regions of Hungary, they proceeded to conquer the capital of Serbia. But they could not succeed in their efforts. Soon a great crusade came into being. which was backed by the Pope. And the Pope also prayed for his success. This treaty aimed to expel the Ottomans from all of Europe, which was an impossible task.

Byzantine Emperors and the Doge of Burgundia

The treaty included Hungary, Poland, Serbia, the territories of Aflak, Geneva, the Byzantine emperors, and the Doge of Burgundia, and was blessed by the Pope. Apart from them, the armies of Germany and Slovakia were also included in this agreement. The command of these allied crusaders was given to a very experienced general named Johanna Aeneadi. Leading the Crusader armies, they advanced and attacked the Ottomans while passing south.

In 1442 AD, the Ottomans suffered two successive defeats. So he wrote a peace treaty. This treaty came into effect on July 1444 AD. According to the treaty, the Ottoman ruler withdrew from Serbia and recognized the government of George Bey Ankoftish. The daughter’s husband Mehmood Shalabi was released by paying a sum of sixty. This agreement was written in Ottoman and Hungarian languages.

Sultan Murad II Son’s Death

If the King swore by the Gospel and Sultan Murad swore by the Holy Quran, they would abide by it and give proof of full responsibility. Murad turned to dust when he made a deal with his European enemies. In this way he received the news of Sultan Murad II son’s death. He was shocked by the separation of his son and his heart was cut off from the world.

He separated from his son Muhammad by giving him additional power and kept away from the affairs of the country. Muhammad was only fourteen years old. This is the same Muhammad whom we know as Sultan Muhammad Fatih. Being young, the father made a team of well-wishers and experienced Ashab Rai people of the Sultanate with him. That they should assist the king in every matter. And guide him with your advice.

Establishment of Peace

After making all these arrangements, Sultan Murad II went to Magnesia. So that he spends the rest of his life in solitude. And separate from the distractions of the world, worship Allah with peace and serenity, be satisfied with the establishment of peace and order in the corners of the country, and meditate in the universe created by Allah.

It had not been long before the visitors from the cardinal and some of his courtiers rose with an invitation to break the covenant from the Ottomans and determined to drive the Ottomans out of Europe now, among other reasons. The reason for courage was also that Sultan Murad II had entrusted the throne to a young child of his who had no experience and the European armies did not care about him. This opinion of breaking the covenant was the result of Popo’s evil thinking.

Ottoman Empire’s Army

He advised the Christians to break their covenant with the Muslims and fight against them. He explained that the covenant made with the Muslims is invalid. Because Europe was not consulted while committing. He was a very active and energetic man. He always tried to do this. That he was somehow able to destroy the Ottomans, so he met with the Nasrani religious scholars and encouraged them to break the agreements made with the Muslims.

He would have consoled himself by saying that it was breaking the covenant in the name of the Pope, and charging them all with the responsibility of breaking that covenant; He should obey the order of the Pope because this is the way of honor and salvation. Even if someone’s conscience conflicts with him and he is afraid of the sin of tyranny, then the Pope will carry his burden and sin himself. He destroyed and provided an army to attack the Muslims and laid siege to Farna.

Preparations of Battle

The Sultan agreed with Ajnewa’s fleet to transport 40,000 Ottoman troops from Asia to areas in Europe within sight of the crusading fleet. In exchange for a soldier, the empire will give him one dinar. Sultan Murad marched along the great frontier and arrived on the same day. The day the crusaders arrived here. On the second day, a battle took place between the two armies. There was an uproar and both these armies showed their best qualities of bravery.

Sultan Murad II tied the covenant that had been broken by the Christians to a spear so that he would see it and the land and Uthman would witness this breach of promise and enmity. Therefore, so that the spirit of jihad in the Islamic army is high. Both the armies engaged in swordplay and the good essence of Tera Fagini, the battle was very hot. The king of Hungary fell from his horse like a ripe fruit. And a soldier went forward and cut off his head.

Ottoman Civil War

Muslims raised the slogan Takbeer. And by raising the severed head of this traitor on a spear, he showed the enemy forces the terrible end of their king. One of the Muslim soldiers started shouting. O disbelievers, this is the head of your king. This scene stunned the enemy army. The morale of the Christians became low. Meanwhile, the Muslim forces launched a massive attack. which divided his congregation and forced them to flee in defeat.

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The Sultan contented himself with this success and did not pursue his enemy. Indeed, it was a great success. This battle took place in the plains of Gosava on October 17, 1400 ADIt started and lasted for three days. Bill ended with a resounding victory for the Ottomans. The war removed Hungary for at least ten years from the list of sultanates capable of taking military action against the Ottomans.

After being removed from the Sultanate, he settled down in Magnesia and entrusted all the affairs of Jhan Abani to his son Muhammad, just as a lion goes back to his den after hunting. History mentions many who abdicated. And some of them had separated from the world, of seclusion, who returned, wore the crown, and ascended the throne, but there was no king who rejected the throne twice.

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Sultan Orhan Ghazi-2nd Ruler of The Ottoman Empire
Sultan Orhan Ghazi-2nd Ruler of The Ottoman Empire

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