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Wapda Jobs Apply Now 2023

How to apply for WAPDA Jobs Today we will discuss WAPDA jobs. Ah Chashma who is the chief engineer of hydel chasma seats on a regular base it is ah First of all who is the turbine operator sixteen ah scale is sixteen and the seat is only one. Apart from this, DI must have seven years of experience in Electrical Mechanical Electronics. In KPK it is the same set of eighteen to thirty years of age. A stenographer’s scale is his forte. of Steno.

Also ah second grade graduation at university. The Wapda Jobs end test will be the conduct proficiency test, the speed of typing in MS Office should be the same. Ah, this is the requirement for a photographer. WAPDA, ECQS Punjab A is the seat for this. The next one is junior store keeper grade fourteen. Its set is the same. Matric along with diploma and associate engineer DA should be.

Wapda Jobs Apply Now 2023

Wapda Jobs requirement, besides this age, is twenty-one to thirty-three. Punjab has an open merit A’s seat. The junior technician is mechanical. The grade is fourteen. The set is three and there are three sets. Two-year vocational certificate in mechanical technology and three three-year experience should be eighteen to thirty years. Punjab Open is my two sets and Sindh Rural is one set.

The junior assessment instrument is the Forten scale. Set one is a two-year Vocational Certificate in Electronics, Electrical, and Technology, and three years of relevant experience is required. There is only one seat in Punjab. Next Miller is fourteen scale which is post matriculate yes two comes two level two two-year vocational trading trade certificate as a mechanist from any recognized board in addition to trade testing board with one year experience or in addition this below requirement is given.

Wapda Jobs 2022

Whichever one of them meets your requirements, you should apply through it. Punjab is one seat of WAPDA EC, and Punjab is one seat of Turner. Yes, it is fourteenth grade and the requirement for it is post-metrics late. Apart from this, Wapda Jobs has two level two two-year vocational trade certificate as A above is almost the same requirement for him and one year experience is required in this, he also had one year experience.

One set is BA or BSc, associate degree, two years after intermediate and second division, certificate ah, it should be of three months, MS office institute, thirty years, Punjab, one set. Train operator. is grade eleven. One set is matric plus a six-month course heavy machine operator must be here matric must be matric plus of prior learning plus certificate WAPDA Punjab one.

Wapda Jobs 2023

The low-pressure welder grade is eleven. Ah, the requirement for this is that it should be metric or two levels, in addition, a two-year vocational trade certificate as a welder from any recognized board trade testing board, and after that six months of experience is required. Next is the junior computer. Junior Clerk is minimum Computer Typist is 11th scale for it should be Intermediate or one less.

Forty World Typing Test should be on PC. What is three months should be your ah diploma and for that there is open one open merit one Punjab one open Sindh ah for urban citizens also ah ah villagers are talking about one Sindh. Wapda ECQs PK is one of Balochistan’s Open One. is an electrician. is grade nine. There are three sets. XNCO Matric Hung Dun Technician Course from EME.

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Here Matriculation with Five Years Experience as an Auto Electrician in Govt and Siming Govt. Ah, the seat is three WAPDA Punjab is one. Apart from this, the Punjab Open is one, and the KPK Open is one. Cook is. The rate is eight. The set is the same. Must have a middle pass. Three-year restaurant or hotel or government Punjab is the same, except that he is a painter, seventh grade is seven, and one set is matric second division, subject to clearance of proficiency test, proficiency test will also be there.

Wapda Jobs Advertisement Page
Wapda Jobs Advertisement Page

WAPDA has only one seat in Punjab. The Assistant Station Attendant is ASA Grade Seven. Six set is matriculation with science at least six ah should have sixty percent marks. Open married is one, Punjab two is Sindh rural two. KP Open is a set. The electrician is in grade seven. Must have a certificate with Matriculation.

Wapda Jobs Apply Now 2023

And there should be experience. WAPDA ECZ is the same set as Punjab KP. Then there is Nislin, Survivor. Tracer is their grade which is seven.And Matric Second Division Subject to Clearance of Proficiency Test for In Ah Nisan. Apart from this Matric with One Year Experience in Surviving and also Punjab Open is one. Apart from that which is WAPDA HQs one.

Punjab is one, KPK is open one. After that, the tracer which is Matric V Drawing as an optional subject and certificate ah from NA Government Institute Punjab is the same set. The driver is in Grade Six. The total number offset which is four is personnel holding light deacon licenses and five years of experience. After the license this ah is one for Punjab Wapda.

ECQs KPK open one is Sindh roller open which is Sindh ah which is rural open to set. For OTK throw, you guys have to apply and visit the OTS website. What is there is given in complete detail. Also, you have to visit the OTS website to apply. There, you people have to pay the challan of Humm Two Hundred in any bank, Bank Al Falah HBL, and ABL in one of these three.

Apart from this, the documents you have to send to the candidate and the office should also contain attested copies of all the documents. Educational documents are Domicile Certificates Document Experience Certificates Two recent passport-size photographs as well as original per voucher. So these things you have to ah send Manager Operation WAPDA Open Testing Service Office Number One Central Avenue Bahria Town Phase Six Islamabad. This is so detailed, thank you very much, Peace be upon you,

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