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Pakistan Navy Jobs Apply 2023

How to apply for Pakistan Navy Jobs. Today I have brought you the job there are short service commission jobs in the Pakistan Navy. I will explain to you in this post you have to watch the post till the end so that you understand the procedure of applying in, how you have to apply for it, so first of all, watch the retirement here like you.

The Pakistan Navy Short Service Commission course 2024 A and MM cadets scheme ninth batch now which means which are the branches in which you can apply will tell you one by one, Pakistan Navy Jobs you have to watch and listen carefully to what is here. First of all, it is the field of operations, Marine SSG Aviation now has ML written next Pakistan Navy Jobs to it.

Pakistan Navy Jobs Information

Which means they can apply male and here it will be written which means both male and Female. you can apply. Mechanical Engineering is here in the surface aviation and submarine field. Pakistan Navy Jobs Next is Logistics Surface followed by Weapon Engineering Surface Aviation and Submarine followed by Ordnance Naval Law Special is now within Special Psychologist.

Next is Information Technology Next is a GPR in Public Relations followed by a BS or MSc in Mathematics or Statistics, a BS in Geomatics Survey Engineering, and then a GDPT Doctor of Physical Therapy followed by a BS in occupational therapy followed by a BS in biomedical engineering or BE or BS prosthetic and authority sciences.

Pak Navy Jobs Qualification

Followed by GMS or MAS in data and science. Is GMS, Master, in Mathematical, or Engineering, well, now it’s followed by GPhd Nuclear Studies followed by GPhd in defense and Strategic Studies Peace and Conflict Studies. GPhd International Relations, you can see in it, it is written further than males or Females. Pakistan Navy Jobs see it in more detail.

The Pakistan Navy Jobs vacancies in the medical field Followed by cardiologist followed by general medicine followed by oncology followed by critical care medicine emergency medicine ER specialist followed by nephrology, gastroenterology, Neuronatology pediatric cardiology, pathology, radiology rheumatic medicine followed by general surgery, plastic surgery, followed by orthopedic surgery, followed periodontics surgery.

Pakistan Navy Jobs 2023

So the last field after that is English education sorry now within education MS or MPhil English MS or MPhil Mathematics MS or MPhil Management Sciences. So that was all the branches in which you can apply? So what is the way to apply is their official website you have to go there and apply online. So it is written that now the age limit in it is from twenty-two to twenty-six years, your height should be five feet four inches.

Ah from twenty-sixth November to one thousand twenty-three December online apply sir, first of all, you have to come to Google after coming to Google you have to write on Google join pak navy dot gov dot pk you If you will write this then you will come down a little bit then you will come down a little bit so what you have in front of you like this is written above Careers in Pakistan Navy.

Navy Jobs  Advertisement Page
Navy Jobs Advertisement Page

Lets Advertise which is what I was just telling you in the advertisement, it says PN Cadet, SSC, Sailors, Pak Marines, Civilians, M Cadet, So what you will click on, see above is written view add, view criteria registered now, registration slip or now if you want to download retirement then you will click on view add on the top and if you have If you want to register, if you want to apply, then you have to click on the Register Now button.

Pak Navy Jobs 2023 Online Apply

Here you have to select whether you want to apply in the medical field or you have to apply in the short service commission. you can select the branch branch here. Well, what I have already told you, you can apply what is in it here. you can select your selection center here, whichever is closest to your means, you can select from here you can keep the date of your test from here.

You can also keep the time of your choice you can see the details of what I have selected have come down here, what my age, how tall should I be, and what should be my education in it. I will be ranked, it is written up to this point, Pakistan Navy Jobs it is written below, candidate type, are you a civilian or are you already doing service, then you can select it from here.

If your profile picture is more than 20 KB, then it can’t be uploaded here. For that, they have given a link which is written in red color. reduce your picture size to twenty KV. If you can reduce it, it means that you have to upload a size of twenty KB, and your personal information will come below the picture, that’s right. They will come. You have to enter what you have here.

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