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History of Sultan Osman Ghazi 1300-1326

History of Sultan Osman Ghazi 1300-1326. Sultan Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, died in 1223, the total area of the Ottoman Empire was sixteen thousand square kilometers and this empire was spread over three continents. If we take a look at Osman Ghazi’s victories, his first victory was against the Byzantines. After which he established his independent state in 1299.

Then in the thirteenth century, after the destruction of the Tatars in Asia Minor, that is the city which was a district of Bursa. By conquering it, he made it the capital of his new kingdom. In seventeen, Sultan Osman Ghazi made Barsa an extremely important city. In his jihad, Osman Ghazi has conquered countless battles, but the battles mentioned in Kurush Osman are the two famous battles which are Hisar and Kirza Hisar. And the forts were included in the victories of Osman Ghazi.

The Founder of Ottoman Empire

Osman’s first war against the Romans was revenge for the defeat he suffered in 1284 or 1285 when he ambushed Osman under the leadership of Amal Taqfur of Bursa. On twelve hundred and eighty-six, with three hundred warriors, he went to the fort of Laja Hisar, which was situated two farsakhs from the city of Anagol, near Hubal Amardagh, and attacked this fort at night and captured it.

After conquering it, Osman gave a good warning to the Byzantines. That they are not an easy opponent. The Seljuk sultan was overjoyed with this victory and gave Osman his tribute and all the surrounding territory that Osman had won by the sword as a fiefdom. And gave him the title of relative. allowed Osman to issue his coins in the region. This proves that Hissar was the greatest victory of Uthman. The second conquest of Osman was the fort of Karja Hisar.

Hardship’s of Osman Ghazi

Because the Ottoman building was located on the north side of the Aznik Sea, this victory of the Ottomans provoked the Roman influence of the city. He was not satisfied with the subjection and subordination of the Muslim Amir. Therefore, he established an alliance with the designated agent at Kharaj-Hissar Fort. Then at the location of Igjaja which is located between The parties clashed.

A bloody battle ensued in which the brother of Saudi Baig Osman was killed, but the result of the war was the victory of the Muslims. Hisar entered the arts. And finally, an unnamed Byzantine army commander was killed and the Ottomans are said to have converted a church into a mosque for the first time in the city where the sermon was delivered. And the first Qazi and Subhash ruler of the city was appointed.

Victory of Qila Karachahisar

Historians have disputed the date of the city’s conquest. However, this city was conquered between 1286 and 1299. After the conquest of this second fort, Osman became a de facto sultan short of the mere title of sultan. After the victory of Qila Karachahisar, Osman along with his army headed towards North Sakarya. And there attacked the two forts of Gabhni and Yanija Tar al-Qali. And returned with the booty.

These two forts were conquered around 1295 to 1298. These four forts are usually mentioned in history. Viewers, we tell you that Osman of the Osmani tradition was informed by his Roman friend Kusmi Khel, who was also the ruler of Harmakiya, from the throne that a plot had been prepared against him by the ruler, in which he was invited to marry his son’s party in the fort. I would be invited and arrested and then killed.

Establishment of Ottoman Empire

As soon as Uthman heard this, he prepared a trap and sent his fake horsemen towards the fort in women’s clothes. Captured and conquered the fort. This was the fifth fort conquered by Osman Ghazi. The remarkable thing about this fort is that in this incident a woman was captured who is said to be Takpur’s daughter named Holu. It was Fira who was later named Nilufar Khatoon.

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Osman chose her for his son Arhan, who married her and had his son, Murad, thus becoming the first foreign woman in the Osman family. After the conquest of these two forts, Uthman tried to eliminate the ruler of Anagol who had earlier formed an alliance against the Ottomans along with the ruler of Qura Jahsar. so that it could not ally with any of the remaining Byzantine buildings at Anna Tulia.

Victory of Sultan Osman Ghazi

For this, he sent an army under the leadership of Turghud Alb to besiege Anna Gol. And then he joined them. And conquered that city. According to tradition, Osman built the fort Turghud al-KAnd granted Therefore, it was later named Turghud after the first Muslim emir of the city, thus Yar Esar Fort is the sixth while Anna Bol Fort is the seventh.

The last forts are said to have been conquered after thirteen hundred AD. rest of the battles were fought outside the forests, deserts, and city limits. ordered to continue and in 1326, Bursa was conquered during the reign of Orhan, that is, the siege of Bursa continued for about ten years, this also proves that Osman Ghazi’s whole life was spent in jihad for the sake of Islam and this date I have written his name in golden letters.

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