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How to apply for Wapda Jobs. WAPDA has announced 74 great announcements for all over Pakistan Females can apply for it from all over Pakistan if they have an education metric to graduation and have a Diploma in different fields then you have a great opportunity to apply to WAPDA apart from applying from all over Pakistan how to download its application form and fill it out a complete and easy way for you.

In this post,t I will tell you that you must watch till the end of the post you can visit my job information and on this, I have already uploaded many posts on provincial, federal,l and private jobs. I have explained the completely easy way to apply them in detail. You must also make these postviral. Let’s see today’s job advertisements. This is Wapda Job their advertisement number one.

Wapda Jobs 2023 Vacancies

These are permanent regular jobs in Chief Engineer Power Ghazi. There are a total of six vacancies for junior technicians fourteen scale mechanical. You must have years vocational certificate in mechanical technology, you must have three years of experience, and you must have eighteen to thirty years of open merit, there is a vacancy in Pakistan.

There is a vacancy in Punjab, there is a vacancy in WAPDA quota, there is a vacancy in Punjab, there is a vacancy in Sindh rural. Yes, there is one vacancy for KPK and one for Balochistan, in addition, there are two vacancies for junior technician instruments, you can check your required qualification experience age limit and Quetta by yourself.

Wapda Jobs Location

You can see that open merit has one vacancy for all of Pakistan, one vacancy for the rest of Punjab, one for quota, three for Punjab open merit, one for Sindh rural and one for auto mechanic, petrol diesel, two for telephone operator, one for telephone operator. There are Wapda Jobs six vacancies, one vacancy is for WAPDA Punjab grade two, and there is a total of three vacancies for drivers.

With which documents are you attaching, I will go ahead and tell you in detail, InshAllah, five years are already included, in addition to this, you will get more if you schedule cast Buddhist community tribal areas Gilgit-Baltistan. If you are applying from Azad Kashmir Central and Balochistan, then you will get ten years more.

Wapda Jobs 2023

if you have applied from the government or you are applying from a disabled quota, the rest of the instructions are there, you can study it yourself in detail. The Wapda Jobs application processing fee is two hundred rupees which you have to submit to any online branches of Bank Al Falah, HBL, ABL and you have to attach your application form along with the application form which you have submitted.

In this, you have to attach all your educational documents, domicile certificates, CNIC and eleven documents, experience certificate two recent passports, photographs, and original free challan which you have submitted to the Bank of Pakistan post. It should be sent to the address manager operation WAPDA open testing services office number one center avenue Bahria town phase six Islamabad.

Latest Pakistan Jobs

whose second advertisement was for Ghazi, and the second one chief engineer Hydel Chashma This is also a vacancy for permanent regular jobs. You can check your age and quota. There is one vacancy for stenographer, one vacancy for junior storekeeper, three vacancies for junior technician mechanical, one vacancy for junior technician instruments, two vacancies for mailer, one vacancy for senior colorer, three vacancies for auto electrician, and three vacancies for cook.

There are six vacancies one vacancy printer one assistant station attendant six vacancies for electricians two masons one survivor one driver four vacancies. All the other terminal conditions we saw in the previous advertisement will be the same. I will show you their application form and how you have to fill it. This application form belongs to Chief Engineer Aziz.

Wapda Jobs Application

Apart from this, you can also download and fill up the spectacle application form. To apply for more than one post, you have to fill separate application form and submit the application fee. This is Wapda Jobs a bank challan you have to deposit your fee in one of the banks Al Falah HBL This BL Habib Metro Tick it Test your section of the city. Put a picture of yourself here.

Wapda Jobs Advertisement Page
Wapda Jobs Advertisement Page

Write your city name here. Tick that from the province of your dome cell. In the original information, write your name, your father’s name, and your number here. Write your age. Write the date of birth. write your medical status complete here. If there is a phone number, write that too, otherwise leave it blank. You can write your sale number and email here, so leave it blank.

Tick it, if there is any disable for your religion, then set it to yes or no, set gender, if it is in the armed forces, then set it to yes. If you have picked up this item, set it to yes as a no. If it is a government servant, set it to yes as a no. So change it to yes otherwise you can change it to nine according to your information metric HSC diploma or A level master.

Wapda Jobs 2023 Apply Online

which is your education same as your degree title major subject passing year marks and pan total marks and institution.You have to mention here in the employment information if already you If you are working in any government or private sector then you can mention it here otherwise you can leave it blank number four is undertaking here.

write your name here write your father’s name here write your signature here Give the impression of the left hand and attach the document here. It has to be attached at the back of the form and the attested copy of CNIC is also to be attached at the back of this form. The Wapda Jobs rest of the termination can be studied in detail by yourself.

Wapda Jobs 2022

You have given this address by cutting it. The same is your envelope, you can also fix the same on it, this is the address mentioned to which you have to send your documents, this is their challan form, OTS copy and this is the bank copy. The TS copy will be returned to you by the bank. This bank will keep it. You have to write the branch code here, date, branch name, and sim, and fill it in the bank in which you will deposit it.

Father name CNIC and write the name of your post on which you are applying and put the signature here and this original and TST copy you have attached to this form and all the documents you have attached You have to send it to the address, this is also a form how to download it, WAPDA Chief Engineer Ghazi you can open it Chief Engineer is retired you can open it one by one which post you want to apply.

If you want to apply on Ghazi Brutha So, download the form from there, if you want to apply for Chashma, then you can download the form for the post you want to apply for Wapda Jobs. You have to click on the view button. If you click on the button, the registration form will appear in front of you. You have to click on it. The Wapda Job date of application is December 15, 2023. You have just downloaded a form, filled it and submitted all the documents.

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