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Sultan Orhan Ghazi-2nd Ruler of The Ottoman Empire

Sultan Orhan Ghazi-2nd Ruler of The Ottoman Empire. Orhan The second sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, had appointed his younger son Sultan Orhan Ghazias his successor at the time of his death, Sultan Orhan Ghazi was forty-two years old at that time. and he had no interest in the government, after the death of Usman the Expressed his willingness to divide the kingdom among themselves, but Alauddin disapproved of it because of his peace-loving nature and his will.

Asrar only accepted the responsibility of managing the state and thus he emerged as the first minister of the Ottoman Empire. Permission was also given to issue a name coin. At the time of Orkhan’s accession to the throne, only Seljuk coins were prevalent in all small items. Now Alauddin adopted this distinction of kingship and issued coins in the name of Orkhan in the Islamic kingdom.

Sultan Orhan Ghazi Hardships

However Alauddin’s greatest achievement was the military reforms that suddenly increased the power of the Ottoman Empire. During the time of Ertugrul and Osman, the Ottomans had no regular army. Rather, it was that when a war was about to happen, it was announced in advance that the person who wanted to participate in the battle should appear at such and such a place on such and such a day.

They used to go back after the end of the battle, they didn’t get any regular salary, but the booty that came to hand was the compensation for their service and they didn’t even have any uniform. But later this method proved to be insufficient for the expansion and stability of the empire. And the need for a regular and permanent army began to be felt. Alauddin raised an army of paid pawns. Named Pawn.

History of Sultan Orhan Ghazi

They were divided into ten-hundred-hundred and thousand-thousand squads. The suggestion was that SI Asira should enroll several promising ten-year-old boys from the war in Islam. And then by giving them regular military training, they should establish an independent army. The Khan liked this opinion and started to train and train a thousand Christian boys. In the second year, one thousand more boys were selected.

This continued for almost three hundred years. This army was given the Turkish name, meaning a new army, and Alauddin started the organization of other armies. Like pawns, the jagirs were the vanguard in the field of battle and used to stop the flood of the enemy’s first attack. Because they became weak in fighting on the ground or they fled the field, they started to believe in their victory.

Turkish Principality of Kirasi

The iron army of this time would have been noticeable in front of them and the whole map of the war would have changed instantly. 726 Hijri according to 1326 AD. It had been a few months. Now there was only one major city, Naysia, in the stronghold of Basatini Sultanate. Which was second only to Kusum Duniya in terms of its importance and importance.

Sultan Orhan Ghazi also protested this. It was conquered by the Ottomans in their Sultanate in 1330 AD according to 730 Hijri. The Khan allowed the residents of Nicaea that if they wanted, they could go to the cities with all their belongings. But like the residents of Bharosa, these people also entered Islam through hard work. After this, the Ottomans captured Kirasi. The Emir of the Turkish Principality of Kirasi passed away in 1333 AD in 734 Hijri.

Sultanate and Sultan Orhan

His elder son usurped the throne and killed his younger brother. Sultan Orhan Ghazi was in favor of the little boy. So he attacked Kirasi to take revenge for the blood. The eldest son was defeated and ran away, and in 737 Hijri, 1336 AD, the entire principality was captured by the Ottomans. After these conquests, there was a war for about twenty years. It didn’t happen.

The soldier of the Sultanate separated from the internal organization of the Sultanate and Sultan Orhan Ghazi went to Europe. The last few years of its life were spent trying to establish a foothold in the European territories of the sultanate. This sultanate was completely weakened by the eighth-century Hijri to the fourteenth-century AD. Thrace was now a juxtaposition of Macedonia, which included Salonika and was confined to a large part of Syria in Greece.

Achievements of Sultan Orhan Ghazi

The Asian conquests had fallen to the Ottomans almost overnight. Even in Europe, the dominant power of the Dushan Peninsula had established its dominance over more than half of the peninsula. And after that, he was planning to take over the world. Civil wars made the empire even worse. And on the death of Emperor Endowment in 1338 AD, its Grand Chancellor Kenta Cojin became the guardian of his minor son Jan Piologus.

Kenta Ko Jin declared his empire in Nekotikia in 1343 AD according to 744 Hijri. Malka was deeply upset by this. And he opposed it. Here is the resultA firesultke out between the two. And both of them asked for help from Sultan Orhan Ghazi. Kenta Kozin asked the orhan for six thousand soldiers and Sultan Orhan Ghazi accepted this condition, and in 1345, six thousand Turks arrived in Europe for Kentakozin.

The Ottoman Soldiers

After a year’s siege, due to the treachery of his own peoplenta entered the Kursan world with the Jin army. And Malaka was forced to agree to reconciliation. Reconciliation was agreed upon that Kenta and his wife, Malika Aina, and Shahzada, would be dethroned, and all four were crowned. To further strengthen this alliance, Kenta gave Kenta his younger daughter in marriage to the young Emperor John.

Thus, in 1300 CE, Stephen attacked Salonica and was sure that after conquering it, he would move towards the world. This fragile anis d Jan asked for help from Khan. This time, Orhan Ghazi sent twenty thousand soldiers. With the help of the Ottomans, Estefan was defeated and the desire for the conquest of the Kusum world, which had been born again and again in its heart, was now over forever. At the end of the war, the Ottoman soldiers were again recalled.

Sultan Orhan Ghazi’s Victory

But four years later Orhan Ghazi hnother chance to send his troops to the Maghreb coast of the new Bas Force. Which proved to be the reason for the foothold of the Ottomans in Europe. Canta could not bear the presence of Jean Jan and Malka Aina for a long time. And according to 754 Hijri Ba, in 1353 AD, he wanted to take all the government in his haninto. Jan opposed it. Jean asked Canda for help again from Hasbe Dastur Orhan Ghazi.

In compensation for this, a fort on the European coast was presented and Sultan Orhan Ghazi sent twenty thousand Turkish soldiers under his eldest son Suleiman Pasha Kirtagi. After capturing Zini, Ottoman troops were deployed in it. A few days later, an earthquake struck Thrace. Suleiman Pasha took care of one of these cities and landed his troops. In the meantime, Canda expressed his desire to take possession of ten thousand Genevas from Suleiman Pasha.

Ottoman Empire

Suleiman Pasha also approved it. But with the completion of this matter, another sentence of the previous one appeared. After which Suleiman Pasha refused to return Janib. After this, it also conquered K Chand and Muqamat. And settled many Turks and Arabs in these fortresses. A new era in Ottoman history began with the conquest of Gallipoli.

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And in 755 A.H. according to 1300 A.D. he entered. Europe for the first time as a conqueror. and founded a great Islamic empire in Christian Europe. which spread from the wet police to the walls of Vienna within two centuries. After the Ottomans entered Europe, the Canta against the Kozins spread strongly in Constantinople, which took the form of rebellion and revolution.

Death of Sultan Orhan Ghazi

Everyone accused him of treason. And he was responsible for bringing the Turks to Europe. Finally, he was forced to abdicate by public opinion. The people of Constantinople summoned John and placed him on the throne. And he ruled for fifty years. But during this long period, the condition of the Byzantine Empire deteriorated day by day.

In 769 Hijri according to 1358 Isa, Suleiman Pasha fell while playing hunting and could not be an animal. Sultan Orhan Ghazi was deeply shocked by his death and he also died in the second year. Sultan Orhan Ghazi greatly expanded the Ottoman conquests during his thirty-three-year reign. He did not capture some of the remaining religious areas of Asia Minor. Rather, he entered Europe and conquered a part of Thrace.

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