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New Punjab Police Jobs Apply 2023

How to apply for Punjab Police Jobs in today’s post, I am going to tell you that sir, it is very great. The age of the constable was 18 to 22, so his age has been increased from 22 to 25. It has been done, I will show it with full proof and what is the recruitment of Mr. Constable, when is it going to come, is it going to come in December or will it come in January or on what date of December will it come.

What is this new job how many jobs will it have metric education or how much education will it be metric or what will it be because the age has been increased to 25 years how many constable seats are there now how many are coming? I will give the complete update, so before starting the post. This Punjab Police Jobs Constable will also be prepared for you because there are a lot of Constables.

Punjab Police Jobs Apply 2023

This time the candidates are going to apply, so the competition will be more for you guys because there are 25 marks, then there are thousands of millions. You can say that there will be more candidates.This Punjab Police Jobs constable recruitment, when is coming, so what is this recruitment, which is until the second week of December?

They will be announced by the first week of December or the second week, that is, before the second week. The constable seats are 8000 vacant in Punjab and what they have announced is 4000, so they will give the 4000 seats now. It should be discussed later because the age has been increased to twenty-five, so now will the education in it be FA or will it remain metric?

Punjab Police Jobs Requirements

Punjab Police Jobs, 50% are 25 years old, so I am going to show you the breaking news in full detail. You can see that the announcement has been made. The caretaker Punjab government has approved the amendment of the police day nineteen thirty-four. Who knows that I uploaded a post about a month ago, in which I told you guys that this is a twenty-five-year-old role that will announce the age.

It is very much about what is going on because the recruitment of phase one was done, but the Punjab Police Jobs recruitment of phase two people was not done, so because of them, this is announced.If this Punjab Police Jobs has happened, then this amendment has been approved by the caretaker government of Punjab government, which is the amendment of 1934.

Age Limit Punjab Police Jobs 2023

In the amendment, earlier the minimum age for recruitment was eighteen to twenty-two years. So what is in it now is what has been modified. After the amendment, the age limit has been reduced to twenty-two or twenty-five years by giving a relaxation of three years. So you can see that after this, the conditions regarding the recruitment of the heirs of the police martyrs will also be relaxed.

It means that the age will be relaxed, the age limit for driver-constable, which is thirty, has been increased to thirty-three. The Punjab Police Jobs that are three years old have been exempted, then sir, the requirement of at least 50% marks in.The educational certificates have also been abolished has come you can see that these are the things that are going on.

Islamabad Police Jobs

So this news has come to me, so I said I will share what is with you people. So, brother, this is a piece of great news because the 50 percent has also ended. relief has been given for three years. So, brother, everyone should apply. Maybe you guys have the chance.

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