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History Of Noor ud Din Jahangir 1569-1627

History Of Noor ud Din Jahangir 1569-1627. Jahangir was the son of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, the third sultan of the Mughal Sultanate. Jahangir was born in Fatehpur Sikri in 1579. He also named his son Nuruddin Muhammad Salim. he was born from the same Rajput wife of Jalaluddin Akbar who is famous in history as Jodhabai, so he was also a Rajput from his mother’s side. Akbar named Jahangir. he was very well brought up.

Apart from being a good poet, he was also proficient in many subjects, but his biggest weakness was alcohol because he was very fond of alcohol. It was announced in front of the courtiers that Salim would be the next sultan of my sultanate after my death. For this reason, as soon as Akbar died in 1655, Salim sat on the throne of the Mughal sultanate. As soon as Salim assumed the throne of the Mughal Sultanate, he took the name Jahangir and by this name he became famous forever in history.

Biography of Jahangir

The people who lived there passed with great happiness and peace, but the surprising thing is that in these twenty-two years, he ruled only in the first few years, otherwise, in the rest of the years, he was the emperor for the name of Puri. His wife named Noor Jahan was taking care of him. And every good and bad order of the empire was issued by Noor Jahan. Before marrying Jahangir, she was a widow whom he married in 1611. he was always ready to accept every decision of Noor Jahan.

She used to live in Akbar’s palace with him. One day, thirteen-year-old Noor Jahan suddenly encountered Akbar’s son Salim. That my son Jahangir has fallen in love with Noor Jahan, Akbar started to fear that Noor Jahan’s father is in a mood to rebel against my Sultanate with the support of his daughter. He wants to take over the Sultanate by marrying Noor Jahan to Jahangir. In this fear, Akbar forced Noor Jahan’s father and married Noor Jahan to one of his Iranian commanders named Sher Afghan.

Mughal Sultanate

Sher Afghan married Noor Jahan. After getting married, Akbar sent Noor Jahan and Sher Afghan to Bengal after seeing the princely state of Bengal. Sher Afghan started living comfortably there with his wife Noor Jahan. She was named Ladli Begum, even though Nur Jahan was living a peaceful life in Bengal, but on the other hand, he had not yet forgotten Nur Jahan, so for this reason, exactly eleven years after Nur Jahan’s marriage, when Akbar After he became the next Sultan of the Mughal Sultanate.

He first tried to regain his love Noor Jahan. he is said to have sent one of his half-brothers named Rada to Bengal. After going to Bengal, he said that you should divorce your wife for the honor and love of the Emperor because Emperor he want to marry her. Hearing this from Jahangir’s brother, Sher Afghan became red with anger, he took out his sword in anger and killed him.

Story of Jahangir and Noor Jahan

But the soldiers in retaliation also killed Sher Afghan there and after that Noor Jahan was taken prisoner and brought to the royal palace of Agra. So, she did not show her consent to marry Jahangir, but gradually when Noor Jahan’s grief decreased, she agreed to marry Jahangir and after that she gradually became his most beloved wife. They say that the story is wrong. They say that the truth is completely opposite.

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Jahangir and Noor Jahan never met before their marriage, but the story of Jahangir and Noor Jahan’s marriage is that one of his sons. Khusrow rebelled against him but he succeeded in crushing the rebellion of his son Khusrow. Khusrow’s son was accompanied by a brother of Nur Jahan. Due to which his brother Aur was also arrested and Noor was taken as a prisoner to the royal palace of Agra. Noor Jahan liked him so much that he fell in love with her and later married her.

Jahangir’s Wife

It is known that Nur Jahan was his most beloved wife. he was ready to do anything for his wife Nur Jahan. This was the reason that after Jahangir married Noor Jahan, the whole system of the sultanate belonged to Noor Jahan. but he himself used to say that I have handed over my entire sultanate to my beloved wife Noor Jahan, now I just need a little meat and a little wine to tell him along with wine and hunting.

He was also very fond of hunting elephants and lions. He used to take his wife Nur Jahan along with him while hunting. But his wife Nur Jahan was also riding, but suddenly a tiger jumped out and attacked him riding the elephant. But before the lion could capture him, Nur Jahan, who was sitting nearby, attacked the lion with a gun. As soon as the bullet was fired, the lion fell on him. Due to which Jahangir’s life was saved. Immediately after this accident, he thanked Nur Jahan very much for saving his life.

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