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Real History Of 5th Mughal Sultan Shah Jahan

Real History Of 5th Mughal Sultan Shah Jahan. This is the story of the period when India was ruled by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. A grandson was born to Akbar Badshah on January 5, nineteen hundred and twenty-two. Akbar happily cradled his grandson and named him. It was this child who later became known as Puri Shah Jahan. From his childhood, he was very fond of archery, horse riding and sword fighting.

But along with all these things, he was also very interested in studies. He was skilled in many subjects. Akbar was only about fourteen-fifteen years old when suddenly a beautiful woman entered his life, whose name was Arjumand Banu Begum. She was the same woman who later became known as Mumtaz Mahal. And Shah Jahan, after her death, built such a building in her love, which became famous all over the world forever.

Mumtaz Mahal

After some time, he married Arjun Bano. Mumtaz Mahal, but yes, Shah Jahan. Because of his love for a woman like his Jahangir, he did not forget the responsibilities of his sultanate, but he used to focus too much on the love of Mumtaz Mahal as well as all of his sultanate and this was the reason that when Akbar After the death of Mughal Sultanate, Jahangir became the next Sultan of Shah Jahan, then Jahangir gave his son Shah Jahan the great responsibilities of the Sultanate.

Which Shah Jahan also performed well according to the expectations of his father Jahangir. In 1614, Jahangir sent his son Khurram. he with an army of twelve thousand to conquer Mewar. In addition to all that he had won, he also crushed those who were going against the Mughals in many areas of India.

History Of Sultan Shah Jahan

Happy with his son, he gave his son a new name in sixteen hundred and that name was Shah Jahan, by which name his son became famous forever in the pages of history, but as Shah Jahan was getting great success. By the way, Shah Jahan’s desire to become the emperor was growing in his heart, but the dearest and closest wife of Jahangir, that Jahangir could not deny anything of Noor Jahan.

That’s why Shah Jahan started to be threatened that my brother Shehryar would become the next Sultan of the Mughal Empire after Jahangir. The same Shah Jahan suddenly rebelled against his father, but this rebellion of Shah Jahan failed and in a short time his father Jahangir completely crushed the rebellion of his son Shah Jahan. Now he felt this threat. It seemed that the order to kill me might be issued at any time, he started writing apologies to himself.

Shah Jahan and Shahryar

Jahangir and he apologized by presenting his two most capable sons. Aurangzeb and Dara Shiku in the service of his Jahangir. Taking pity on Shah Jahan, he forgave Shah Jahan, where he returned to his father’s palace and started living a normal life again, but after some time, Jahangir died. Battles to become Sultan began. Two of Jahangir’s four sons died in Jahangir’s lifetime. Now the fight for the kingdom was left between only two brothers.

Shah Jahan and Shahryar But when Jahangir died at that time, Shah Jahan was in Deccan. Hyderabad region. Which used to be quite far from Lahore. That is why his father-in-law. Asif Jahan put his sister Nur Jahan under house arrest immediately after Jahangir’s death. So that he could not help his son-in-law i.e. Shariar. And Asif Jahan immediately sent this letter to Shah Jahan to come towards Agra with speed.

Sultan Shah Jahan’s Army

And Asif Jahan himself left for Lahore with a large army, where Shah Jahan’s second brother, Shahryad, had already declared his kingship. His father-in-law, Asif Jha, entered Lahore with a large army, and there was a great battle between the army and the army of Shah Jahan’s father-in-law Asif Jahan, and in this battle, Asif Jahan was defeated, and Asif Jahan was immediately taken prisoner and sent to Agra.

Even before the arrival of Shah Jahan, Shah Jahan’s rule was announced there, the Khudba was recited in the name of Shah Jahan, and finally, on the arrival of him on February 14, 1668, he was also crowned, and in this way, he was crowned. After Jahan became the fifth king of the Mughal Empire, he gave his mother, Jahangir’s most beloved wife, Noor Jahan, who was against Shah Jahan’s sultanship, to twenty million.

Jama Masjid of Delhi

The entire period of rule till this period passed with great peace and tranquility for the people living in India. You may be surprised to know that in Mughal history, the period of his reign is considered the golden age of the Mughals because in its period. Many beautiful buildings were built in India, whether it is the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Jama Masjid of Delhi or the Red Fort of Delhi and many buildings like this which are famous in the world were built by Shah Jahan.

The area which is known as Old Delhi was also settled by him and its real and first name was Shah Jahan Abad because it was settled by him and he also built his throne on this throne. He used to sit on this throne. It was very precious. Peacocks were made on both sides of this throne, and each peacock had a diamond in its beak. The special thing is that its four feet are made of gold.

Death of Mumtaz Mahal

This throne is known by the name of Shah Jahan’s entire reign passed with great happiness, but he himself got the biggest shock when just two or three years after he became the emperor, his most loved one died. Wife. Mumtaz Mahal passed away because he used to love Mumtaz Mahal unconditionally, so after her death he was always crying. After the death of Mumtaz Mahal, he also stopped wearing colorful clothes. He always wore white and plain clothes.

After the death of Mumtaz Mahal, he also stopped holding his court. All the hairs on Shah Jahan’s head and beard started turning white due to crying a lot and always being in grief. He entrusted all the affairs of his Sultanate to his Wazir i.e. his father-in-law Asif Jaa. And he himself used to be busy in building most of the big buildings. But what is surprising, is that just as Shah Jahan himself fought with his own brother to become the king.

Sultans of the Sultanate

When he grew old, his four sons also fought to become the king and he saw his own eyes. He was watching everything but could not do anything. the thing was that he had four sons, the eldest son’s name was Dara Shiku. he used to love Dara the most. And wanted to make the next sultan after him. But the reason was that all the people living in Shah Jahan’s court were against it. Because his religious ideas were very wrong. He did not follow any religion.

Everything was equal in his eyes. That is why all the people living in Shah Jahan’s court did not want Mughal to become the next Sultan of the Sultanate. Courtiers started meeting Aurangzeb Alamgir internally. So that we can make Aurangzeb Alamgir our next Sultan. because he used to stay only with him in Delhi. The remaining three brothers used to live separately. Aurangzeb Alamgir was in the Deccan, some were in Bengal and some were in the other.

Aurangzeb Alamgir

In nineteen fifty-seven, when he suddenly fell ill and could not hold his court. So Aurangzeb Alamgir accused Dara Shikku that he was concealing the illness of our father for the sake of getting the government, but Dara Shikku denied this allegation along with Aurangzeb Alamgir and most of the people living in the Delhi Darbar. The courtiers also believed that Dara Shako was hiding his father’s illness in order to get the government.

Because of this, Zeb took a large army with one of his four brothers named Murad and went against Dara Shiku. There was a great battle between Dara Shiku and Aurangzeb’s army. And in this battle, Dara Shiku was defeated. With the defeat, Aurangzeb Alamgir was made the next Sultan. After that another son of Shah Jahan named Shah Shuja also rebelled against Aurangzeb Alamgir.

Taj Mahal

But Aurangzeb Alamgir also gave him great strength due to which he gradually developed great bravery and intelligenceDue to Ari as well as the support of the people, the way for Aurangzeb Alamgir to become emperor was almost clear. But the old and ailing Shah Jahan was watching from the fort of Lahore all his sons raising their swords against each other. And he was getting more and more sick day by day.

After becoming the emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir had hired many servants in the palace of Agra for the service of his old father. All those servants used to treat him in exactly the same way as one is treated. Along with those servants, Shah Jahan’s daughter, whose name was mentioned everywhere, always stayed in the same palace. he used to serve his old and sick father while lying in the fort of Agra, looking at the memory of his wife. Taj Mahal, and finally, he died slowly in the same way.

Mughal Empire

Many people claim that he was actually killed by his son. But if we look at the pages of history, there is no truth in this claim. Because, as I told you, Aurangzeb, immediately after becoming the emperor, hired many servants for his sick father. So this proves that if Aurangzeb wanted to kill his Shah Jahan, he would never have kept so many servants in the palace for the service of his father. And it is clear that the king was clear all the way.

And even the old and sick he did not have the courage to take any action against Aurangzeb. So what was the need for Aurangzeb to kill his own father. Apart from that, the whole world knows that Aurangzeb Alamgir was a staunch religious man. He used to follow his religion in this matter and it is very clear that a person who follows his religion in everything and adopts good things, then he can never kill his father.

Shah Jahan Badshah

The thing is that you must have heard many people on social media claiming that Shah Jahan Badshah had an illicit relationship with his own daughter, Jahan Araya. Something British historian has done and there is only one reason for it, the reason is that he had one of the most beloved daughters, he used to love her more than friends, who was beautiful as well as very smart.

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It was because of his prudence that he entrusted many of the important works of his Sultanate to him, which we know today as Old Delhi. Most of the historians also believe that when he settled the old Delhi, he also prepared the map of it along with all these things and also saw the whole system of business and marketing.

British East India

System ystem during Shah Jahan’s period, because in that period he started doing business in India, that’s why he used to try to earn more profit from here and in that period, through the British East India Company, he established his business here. The British were trying hard to spread their legs, they used to come to India and try to arbitrarily do their business, but because of this they kept failing in all these things and this became the biggest reason for their anger.

In order to get rid of their hatred, they started spreading rumors about it and due to those rumors, some writers there have also written this thing in their books, but the surprising thing is that Hindustani writers have made rumors about this. It has been said, but at the same time, most of the British historians have also described this as a rumor and wrong. They believe that these are just arrows fired in the air. There is no truth in this claim.

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