Great Black Forest Cake Recipe 2023

Black Forest Cake. First of all, have a cup of flour. And in this, we will also add one cup of sugar. add that and also add one cup of sugar to it. teaspoon baking soda, sweet soda, one teaspoon baking powder, and half teaspoon salt. And start sifting it. Let’s also put a one-third cup of cocoa powder in it. You can put it in advance. If there is space in the strainer then put it. if it is done well.

It is completely finished and now we mix it a little with a spatula, so this is See, our cake mix is ready if you ever want to prepare it in advance, then you can keep it in an air-tight container. Now we will add our wet ingredients at room temperature. We will add eggs and beat the eggs a little with a whisk. In this, add half a cup of normal milk which is full cream milk.

Add Ingredients In Black Forest Cake

Now add it. It will be half a teaspoon of vanilla cotton cup oil, you can add any oil but they cannot add mustard oil, now let us take the help of the spatula. no machinery is being used, you will make it in a simple way and it will turn out very nice. this is maxed out nicely. Now to enhance the chocolate cake greatly, add coffee to it to give it chocolate flavor. So have one third cup boiling water in it we will add one tablespoon instant coffee.

It will become very rich and it will taste better. Now we will include it in the batter and mix it in the batter. Such wonderful aromas come after the coffee is gone, it feels like that ah that is the Mahavra, isn’t it, Wake and smell the coffee, it feels like I have been baked and how shiny it is, how nice the consistency of the batter has become. In this way, the last thing that will go into it is vinegar.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

To make it light-weight and aery, I have taken one tablespoon of plain vinegar, they will add it but its consistency will change, and it will become like half-fluff, basically this is a reaction. What is happening is that we had taken action, now this is the reaction, so basically, we had added sodas, baking soda, and baking powder, then by adding vinegar, it has reacted, now it is ready and you just have to make it in the cake pan.

We can grease with anything either with ghee or oil and this cold butter also works very well because we do not have to put too much of it and it tends to stick too much, so see if we add this.In this way, we will apply it on the side also because it helps the rice and if you want, you can apply ghee or oil and if you want to dust the flour on top, you can do that too and like the flour. Sometimes what happens in chocolate cake?

Sponge Black Forest Cake

Is that by dusting flour in it, a white layer appears, you can also do this by dusting cocoa powder in it, then whatever color it is, it will remain the same there is also an option that You put wax paper in it, then I put it and put some on top of it too, then that’s it, now we put the batter in it, our oven which is preheated, selfie, it has hundred and seventy-five degree and Faron.

Three hundred and fifty in height and if the cook wants to cook it on the stove, then preheat the pot that is there for ten minutes on medium-high and after that when you put it in the oven like we do, then when you put it inside then it will be medium. Let’s turn it to medium-low. That’s it. Now let’s make it light and now let’s go towards them. So let’s meet in thirty minutes. if it is completely clean, then turn it off and take it out.

Leave Cake For 10 Minutes

Let it cool along with the utensils on any wire rack for ten minutes. Then you will get it in ten minutes. ten to fifteen minutes have passed. Now we take out the cake. And if you keep it directly on the mesh, then this is my pen, it is going to open, then you have to take it out from the surrounding area like a knife, now take out the paper also and keep it directly for some time to cool down.

It looks so spongey, so soft, it’s like fun, now look, it is necessary to use cherries in the black forest cake, now you are fresh. like what we need for decoration, it can be cut and put on the top, and if you have it here, it can also be taken. I like them better than fresh because they have become soft, so I had them available, so I took them. have a little more than a cup of cherries here.

It looks very good, so I am adding a little more, so let’s shop it. So chop it, take out a little bit on the cutting board, and keep chopping it, it is very fun to eat. Let’s put it all. Let’s go, it was done well. put two tablespoons of sugar in it. Let’s mix it. Let’s get ready. Our cherry portion is ready. now come to the chocolate. do not take this cut chocolate in it.

Whipped A Cream For Cake

This is what we need, what we have to do now, now it’s on you again, you have to put a little bit, decide how much you want to put. I will do this a little bit more. think that it is enough. Now move towards the cake. The cake has also cooled down and we will slice it. Now see what our cake is. It is one inch, so now we have to cut it in half, to remove it for half an inch, we will keep this scale and apply this toothpaste on half an inch.

Now we will slice it, put it on the toothpick, and do it slowly. Serrated life will be more easy. It will be sharp. Just watch the cutting boat. As you cut it, it became lighter. Now, bring it to the plate where you want to decorate it and put it in it. If we take a jar of Maricein and cherry, what comes in it, or its syrup or syrup, Our cake should be made like this. Soak all the juice and don’t make it too wet, but you have to put it everywhere. Let’s do it.

Apply Cream On Cake

Now let’s take another part of it. It’s done and now both of them are ready, we will whip the cream quickly. Look, I am whipping the cream in the stand mixer. It is not necessary at all. You can also do it. It will be very easy. The rest can be done with a hand mixer, which is used to make a cake. It is very easy. Let’s start making it.

If it has become a little more thick. Then we will add powdered sugar. Now if you want, add half a cup and add one cup. It also depends on how much you want to eat. I have taken one cup of powdered sugar. Let’s check. Look at the way it has come in bunches, it is absolutely correct and it must have taken three to four minutes to create the web.

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If we have to decorate the top, then we need a piping bag. Now keep our plate on the turn table. It is not necessary to have a turn table. It can be done this way and potable comes in a small size. It can also be used of the wrong type and nothing will happen. We will put a little bit on each side, then we will spread it. Now I took two and a half cups of whipped cream. So let’s spread it now, Will spread it.

Now Decorate It With Cherry And Serve

Now see this, less can be added, more can also be added, the cream is completely on the app, it is also up to you, do as you like, add the chocolate a little bit, it is good now. We will put this one on top of the layer to which we had given juices and keep the same treatment with it too. We will put cream on Black Forest Cake also, let’s spread it, and while spreading we will bring it to the side.

What will we do for this, first of all, we will put chocolate in the center, now it is your choice, add less, add more, add as much as you want and now we will add little by little on the sides, so just see that we will keep sticking it little by little, started decorating in the serving plate itself. now we will make small flowers which is the specialty of black forest.

Black Forest Cake is done and now we will decorate cherries on it. After eight hours, the result will be better, so let me try again and tell you how it feels. Black Forest Cake is so soft, absolutely right, whatever sugar is in the cream, that is that, and whatever cherries are inside it.

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