Great Rasmalai Recipe 2023

The Rasmalai Recipe today I have brought for you, very soft, very It is very juicy, and very fun and when you make it, your heart will be happy. Here is the recipe in front, So first of all I have boiled one kg of milk and after boiling, we will let it cool a little. Which is called Neem Garam and then we will add vinegar inside it. Two to three tablespoons and if you do not have vinegar then you can also use lemon juice.

Stir the spoon a little, don’t stir it too much. And slowly you have to add vinegar to it. Neem should be warm, not too hot, and not cold either. Neem hot in which you can insert your finger comfortably. And after shaking the spoon in this way, you have to leave it lying there. This will take about three to four minutes and after that, it will start bursting. it’s been here for three to four minutes and it still hasn’t burst completely.

Rasmalai Recipe

So after adding this here, we will pour cold water over it so that the vinegar we added can come out properly. Now what we will do is press it well and remove the water present in it and see that in this way the water comes out very easily but since it is a bit technical work to make Rasmalai, To completely remove the water, we will put a little weight on it.

Let it rest for about one to one and a half what will happen is that the water will drain out very well and it will become smooth paneer. So it’s been almost two hours here and here I will show you what are the mistakes that people normally make their rasgulla of ras malai gets broken so when we open it, it is grainy here. it is granular and now if you make rasgulla from ras malai,

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it will break and disintegrate, so what you have to do for that is mash it a lot, look at it in this way, exactly what it means is the granularity You have to finish it and you have to make it absolutely smooth like butter, its texture is half, you add corn flour in it, what will happen is that it will get a little slimy and your laddus made of rasmalai will not break. Now here you have What to do:

If you want to prepare sheer on the side, you have to take one glass of water and add one hundred grams of sugar to it. And two to three cardamoms will be green inside it. For this, fragrance is very important, and a little vinegar, about half a tablespoon. What will happen due to this is that the sugar does not set. Look here, the texture has become quite smooth.

Add ingredients In Rasmalai

Now you have to make a small pedal out of it and whatever size you like, see this, you will make a Rasgulla which will be used in Rasmalai, see this. Now this flower has to grow, it will not remain like this. In the same way, you have to prepare everything and on one hand, what we have to do is to also prepare Rabdi, so here I have taken one KG of milk, I will add cardamom to it and you have to cook it on medium flame, gradually thicken it.

It is okay, half the sugar will go in it i.e. about four to five tablespoons of sugar, do not add more sugar in it, you have to cook it slowly on very low flame, now here our sheera is ready and see, the sizes are small and big.So there is no problem, we will cook it inside the milk and yes, the flame here should be very high, it is okay if you do not put it on a low flame, then. We will add all the juice bulbs inside this.

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And the thing is that you have to keep it on high flame, now we have to cook it here for about ten to twelve minutes, on high flame you will not take tension, it will not break at all if you mash it well and the grains were there. After finishing them, you do not have any tension and you have to keep the flame high, do not reduce the flame and after five to seven minutes, you have to change their sides,

I will change them and show you. Shake the pan these will also move and move. We will try that in the beginning you do not stir it with a spoon, then on the other hand look at the rabri we are making, try to do two things at the same time so that things become easier and get done quickly. So here we will add almonds to it, you can add almonds, you can add pistachios to it, you can add cashews.

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You can use whatever things are available to you. Let it cook on low flame, then we change the sides. So here is our RasgulThose that are there are getting cooked very softly, they do not break but still you have to change them very softly. Here we have to cook it for about twelve minutes. If it is left on high flame, let’s change it also. So their size has become a little bigger Rasmalai Recipe.

Serve Delicious Rasmalai

And these have also become quite soft from the inside. So here it is almost turn. So our sheer here is also ready. , Rasmalai Recipebecome quite thick. It is okay if you do not add corn flour or anything else inside it. Because if it becomes too thick then it will not go inside our rasgullas and they will not be able to become very soft and juicy. So here we have switched off the flame, now we will let it cool.

Now it is hot, hence caution is very important when it cools down, it will become hard. Be very careful, not only cold water is needed, ice is also needed in it because its temperature is a little high and it is like water. If you increase the temperature to high, even if the water gets cold, it will become hot, so I have left the ice creams inside only f then later you add this Shira also, I kept it for ten minutes, cooled the Shira and These rasgullas too.

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