Delicious Lab e Shireen Recipe 2023

Lab e Shireen today we are going to make so we will make, but you will probably make it first, but this recipe is a perfect Lab e Shireen recipe. So, today we are going to make Lib Shireen in the same style. We will make it at home. Let me start this recipe. For the milk that will be used in this recipe, I will use dry milk. If you are taking fresh milk at home, then you have to take two liters of milk.

If you want to halve this recipe, then it will be one liter of milk. will go The dry milk that I am using is needo, you will not use it every day because it does not taste good, it is real milk powder when you put it in water, it becomes milk, so two hundred grams you Take a saucepan and put two liters of water or eight cups of water in it.

Put two liters of water in the saucepan and add the two hundred grams of dry milk that we have taken. Go milk, your water should be cold when you add milk, it should not be hot. Now, it has become a milky consistency. So today we will take out a little bit of milk from it. It is still cold, so you have to take it out before it gets hot. We are making custard, which is the first step.

Lab e Shireen Recipe

If yes, we are preparing the same milk, we have prepared it with the milk powder, and now the celery in it will be added to thicken it, then you have to use the banana in Lab e Shireen recipe and the milk we have taken out is a little bit in it. You have to take five tablespoons or sixty grams of custard mix it well and make its celery.

Now you have to heat the rest of the milk that is kept here so that it starts to boil. If the milk starts to boil a little, then we will add sugar to it. The quantity of sugar is two liters of milk or one hundred and twenty grams for this recipe. It will be half a cup and add it to the max so that the sugar dissolves in it. After adding the sugar, add the milk again.

If it is boiling, we will make the custard we have made in it. you have to add this custard while stirring the milk so that it does not form lumps. Add the custard and mix well. Now see it should thicken like custard. its consistency and it should be thick like this on the spoon or whatever it is on it. And the first thing that you have to do right is to make the custard in the right consistency.

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If your custard will be thin. So that consistency will not come if it is thick then it will freeze. So, after adding the quantity of milk that I have told you, you have to close it for two minutes and then your custard is ready. Now we have to cool this custard because this vessel is hot. Take it out and put it in water etc. You have to cool it well, I have kept the caster cooled down, and as soon as it comes to room temperature, the ingredients will be included in it.

But as long as we make it. It is also used inside, we need two colors. Let it set well first of all you have to take a small pot or whatever you want to make the jelly you have to take a pot. I am making color jelly, one of which is strawberry. If I want to make one, then I have to take 20 grams of jelly powder in it. About two tablespoons of this powder will be made of this banana.

We will also take twenty grams, twenty-twenty-one grams. I have boiled the water, it is boiling well, you have to take one part four cups or sixty ml of water. This is to put it inside the jelly, sixty-sixty ml of boiling hot water will go inside both, so mix it a little. So that this powder is mixed well with water. I have mixed a little bit of hot water in both of them.

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Now let them remain at room temperature like this for a while and then they will set. This will go into the third item which is saviyan which is colored saviyan which is mostly included in custard etc. Here I have heated water in a saucepan, in which you have to add half a cup of savanna le color. This water Once it boils well and the vermicelli gets cooked in boiling water for a minute or two, close its eyes. And cover it and keep it here for fifteen to twenty minutes.

This vermicelli will be ready and will become soft and good. These vermicelli are also ready. They have to be taken out in a ball etc. Now, we have prepared many ingredients for Jee Labe Shree. I have cooled this custard. Now it is at room temperature. The first thing is that we will include bananas in it. Use of banana in Lab e Shireen dressing. Well, you can use any fruit of your choice in it.

For the amount of custard we have made, add four bananas to it. There won’t be too many and there won’t be too few because there are a lot of ingredients going into it, so the quantities are there, don’t exceed them, put bananas to the max and if you cut them and keep them out, they will turn black. So, I will include it in the custard as well.

Now Add Fruit In Lab e Shireen

After this, for the fruits here, if you are not using fresh fruits, then you can use this small tin which I have taken in the cocktail along with this. A spoon is a small juice, it lumps, these are the two things you have taken, you have washed them in water, the juice should come out of it and also there is the juice inside it, you have to wash both of them thoroughly.

We will wash the things and this jelly is ours, it is also ready, and it has set completely, so we will include this jelly inside it, I am pouring this juice into a net to wash the throat, then add some water on it. We will add and wash them well. I have washed the juice of the flowers and taken them out. Now this is the fruit. I will add this. I have washed this fruit. We have washed this Chamcham together Lab e Shireen.

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Now let’s put it on the side. We have to cut the jelly into pieces, the jelly has been set in it, so first we will do it from the sides like this, after cutting it into pieces like this, when you make the jelly with exact measurements, it will be set even at room temperature. This way it will not break at all, how perfectly it is made. Now we have included bananas inside the custard, now we will add the jelly. Mix it a little. This fruit thing will go away.

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This will go away After this, we will add the noodles which we had boiled. By adding this we will also mix it a little. No, now its ingredients are being completed, its shape has started to be very good, it’s the sweet dish which is served to you, not in good food centers or inside marriage halls, but there is ice inside it. The cream is also used, so here I have taken vanilla ice cream,

I have taken a small pack, and I am adding half of it inside this, this vanilla ice cream will go in this and we will also add a little bit of this inside this. If you do this to the maximum then this ice cream will melt inside it, it is almost melted, as soon as it melts, the flavor will also come inside. All the ingredients have gone inside it. And it is perfectly ready now. Now the last thing we have to do inside this is to keep it cool.

Now Serve Lab e Shireen

Now you do not have to keep it at room temperature. This has to be kept in the fridge. So that it will remain in the refrigerator for as long as you want to serve it, do not keep it in the refrigerator so that it does not freeze, it will soften the Lab e Shireen, it is ready, now we have to transfer it in a bowl so that its presentation is a little better. if you add all these things then it will taste amazing also how many things we have included in the custard, Lab e Shireen

it does not feel thick, it should be liquid like this, so in a word, I said I have taken a glass, we will put this liquor in it, we have transferred Lab e Shireen it in a bowl for serving, I have kept some things left for garnish, so now we will garnish it with this. Ice cream is two or three cubes, we will also put ice cream on it. So this is our best Lab e Shireen sweet prepared with an authentic recipe with which you can compare whose taste you will always remember, with proper ingredients, with proper taste, and with the best look.

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