Delicious Karela Piyaz Recipe 2023

Karela Piyaz Recipe these four numbers we have taken tomatoes about half a pound of coriander we will use and half a kg yes we have taken onions and half a pound of potatoes what is the role of potatoes in this recipe, so let’s start with cutting. This is a unique recipe, we will destroy its seeds completely, we cut all the bitter gourds in the same way, we have also cut the bitter gourds and we have destroyed the seeds of the bitter gourds.

The bitter gourd will be mashed well for about five minutes. We cut the onions, for Karela Piyaz you have to take out the buds, then the onions are cut, and now we will move on to the tomatoes, you are cooking together. Look at the cutting that is done we cut the potatoes in the same shape as we cut the bitter gourds, and then you also have to cut the potatoes in the same shape. Also, the bitterness of bitter gourds decreases, when the potatoes have been cut.

Karela Piyaz Recipe

The Next step, cut the potatoes, should soak them in water. You have to keep them, otherwise the potatoes will turn black, so you have to keep them dipped in water well, it was only ten to fifteen minutes, we told you half an hour, but we will make this recipe a little quick, It has its own water which has come from adding salt, so you have to follow exactly the same method if you want yours to be free from bitterness. Wash with water. It will happen that its bitterness will be removed.

And secondly, the effect of the salt present in it will be reduced. should also add salt to it. that If you use ice water, the bitter gourds will be further reduced yes, they have filled another ball. Now again, pick it up and throw it into the other water. We will put what we have strained inside and the benefit will be that the excess water with the karel will drain down. have taken the pans and now we will fry the plantains And for this purpose, we will use oil.

Add Ingredients In Karela Piyaz

using almost one foot of oil. The purpose is that we have to deep fry the curry leaves, which is extra oil. We will take them out later. oil is our hot oil. It is done, now we add the bitter gourds, we have to fry the bitter gourds so much that they do not become crispy, and we have to keep the bitter gourds soft because When the bitter gourds become crunchy, then the taste that we want to get is no longer there.

Also, the bitterness of the bitter gourd is reduced to a great extent and one tip is that when the gourd is almost done, we will add the raw onion at the end. Bitterness is significantly reduced, our bitter gourds are fried as we wanted, the color has completely changed, and they are soft. If you want to fry, now we will add the potatoes in the same oil and we will also fry the potatoes in the same oil, then the potatoes are already fried.

Recipes With Easy Steps

You don’t have to make them too crispy. You have to keep it soft, you can say that for about ninety percent of them, you have to take sesame seeds, for the rest when we fry the karel, we will cook the Karel inside it a little bit, and we will also steam it, then this is You will see the recipe. You will like this recipe very much. As I mentioned earlier, we have to remove the excess oil from it

We will leave about a hundred ml of oil inside the pan in which we will prepare our remaining tadka. We will tell you first of all that white cumin will be used in this recipe. After that, we will save some onions from the onions we cut, we are adding the rest of the onions we cut and showed on this occasion. They say onion, when the bitter gourd is almost done, then at the end we will add this onion.

Karela Recipes With Onion Touch

Our onion has become as soft as we wanted, so on this occasion, we add our spices, then one teaspoon. We add red chili powder in one teaspoon we are adding in it coriander powder and in half a teaspoon we adding in turmeric powder and black pepper we are using sir one tea spoon You can keep more or less as per your test. Now we have to fry the masala jaat well for two to three minutes.

So it’s been almost two minutes now we have started adding tomatoes also let me tell you that we will use salt at the end, Karela Piyaz you have to roast it properly, and let me tell you that while making any recipe. If you overcook the spices and overcook the roast, the taste of your curry will be very interesting, so you may have to lower the heat, but try to make sure that the tomato melts well.

Cooking Recipe Of Karela Piyaz

You can keep the flame of your stove on low, but if you have to do this, then you have to put it on a low flame. And for about two minutes you have to leave it. Let me also mention that we have added a little water to it so that our onions and spices do not burn. it’s been two minutes, let’s keep adding the spoon. Also, if you can’t mince tomatoes well, you can use paste. So with the curry leaves we will fry this spice for two minutes.

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Stay with us, you will like this recipe very much. , it’s been two minutes and now we have added the onions that we had saved on this occasion. yes, we have to max them and after mixing, what do we have to do to make it We have to cover it and for about three to four minutes we will put it on a low flame. if we have completely reduced the flame, After three to four minutes it will be three to four minutes. It’s over. Now we can see that the raw onion we added later has become soft, so now we add hot spices to it.

Serve Karela Piyaz With Roti

We will add inside and at the same time we add the potatoes that we fried in it, so we are adding half a teaspoon of hot spices. You will see that even the children who are born with potatoes eat the bitter gourds easily because the bitterness of the bitter gourds from the potato goes away to a great extent. We had already used salt in it while washing and mashing the bitter gourds, so now we are using a pinch of salt in it.

You can definitely use salt according to your test, but Try that because it already has salt in it then it salt in it for garnishing Definitely, the chilies that we cut for taste, we put coriander on it, we also put it, and for about five minutes, smoke it now, for five minutes, We started giving the tail, after five minutes, the duration of the tail was completed, It is the best color of the bitter gourd.Serve karela piyaz with roti.

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