Best Chicken Masala Curry Recipe 2023

Chicken Masala Curry Today I have brought you a recipe. Very very delicious I have taken one kg of chicken and along with onions we need paste today. the first step you have to do and here I have washed one kg of chicken well and some dry spices will be added to it. Less than a teaspoon and a half teaspoon of salt will go into it and here we have one-fourth tablespoon.

So these hot spices which are happy spices, sorry, grind them at home. This means washing all the things yourself and then grinding them from the market. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste in Chicken Masala Curry is gone. Now you will mix these things well, then do not take the powdered spices from the market at all. Grind them yourself, their taste is also good and they are pure cheese.

Chicken Masala Curry Recipe

Now we will marinate Chicken Masala Curry like this for one and a half to two hours. Now we will put inside our lovely embroidery. Four to five tablespoons of oil will be added to it, big cardamom and three cloves, and half a bay leaf. Do this over normal flame after eight minutes of relaxation. Do not burn your chicken. So look here, it has come in a very nice color.

Now we keep it on the side of the dish and on the other side we will add cooking oil to our kadai. We marinated it and fried it. Now here we have three to four spoons of cooking oil and we have a big size onion finely chopped and you have to add it. We will fry this onion well today and it will come in a dark brown color. Do not wear light colors. Don’t put it too fast here today, otherwise, they will burn immediately.

Chicken Recipes

So they don’t look good. Now add one spoonful of ginger garlic paste here. Here you have to add it separately for meditation. So we will cook this also for three to four minutes. Take onion for five to six minutes and this for three to four minutes. Now we will add to it. Red chili powder half teaspoon. And we have one-fourth tablespoon of salt and one-fourth tablespoon of turmeric. The spices of this spice will be added here.

Now you will feel that there is less oil in it. So don’t stress about this. I put less oil on purpose. Because this oil is ours, we have to use it too, so see, there is a lot of testing in this oil anyway. We will do the weaving of spices here for the chicken very well. Cook the masala well for seven to eight minutes. And then comes your food test. So here now we will add this I have made a paste of two big-size tomatoes.

Add Spices And Vegetables

And they will also be cooked well. As long as you don’t overdo the spice. Your food will never taste good. Immediately if you add chicken or vegetable whatever and think later the masala will be roasted. So it doesn’t happen at all. Here you will have to cook it for eight to ten minutes after adding the tomatoes, because the water in the tomatoes, we have to dry them as well. The thing is, it is very good to try something new.

Now add a spoonful of dry coriander powder in it, I have kept it a little thick. And will also add to it. The powder of cumin will also be added here, half a teaspoon. It smells very good. So powdered spices will be added here. Do not add whole cumin seeds. So you will make this masala well. The main thing of our recipe is our Khushboo masala which is special and will add four moons to Khushboo in Chicken Masala Curry.

Chicken Masala Curry Recipes With Easy Steps

So here you see the looks of Chicken Masala Curry of the spice and if you get this spice to eat with roti then tell me how you feel. The water of the masala has been dried well and the masala is telling that it is ready. Add it with a little marination and mix it. Now here also you have to weave the chicken well. Not that after adding chicken, immediately added water and started melting it, new things.

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You have to give full time with full love and desire. then I had to add water to it, then in the same way If you put water inside the pan and add it, then check Chicken Masala Curry things also, if there is any masala left inside the pan or anything else, utilize it in some way or the other. Now after adding water, we will cook it for eight to ten minutes on a normal flame and not on a high flame. So that our Chicken Masala Curry gets cooked properly.

The water dried up to a great extent and we kept it for eight minutes. The chicken is also cooked to a great extent. Now we will put on high flame and here we have dried the water and now we will add it to it. green coriander Check the color of the food, it should be like this. So let’s move towards the final look. See, our very crispy and very aromatic chicken curry salad is ready and it would be great if you eat it with naan.

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