Delicious Nargisi Kofta Recipe 2023

Nargisi Kofta is going to make it. So which ingredients we will need to make Nargisi Kofta to make Nalgishi Kofta, take seven hundred fifty grams of mutton meat and take it out through the machine very finely. washed it thoroughly and placed it on the stainer so that all its accessible water gets washed.Now put it in the grinder jar and make it completely smooth so that our koftas do not burst.

Take five eggs, and we will boil them for eight to ten minutes. To put it inside the koftas, we took a bowl of green coriander and chopped it finely. taken green chilies and we have chopped them finely and chopped these medium-sized chilies in a fine manner we will put them inside the koftas to put them inside the koftas, take a bowl of a roasted gram.

Nargisi Kofta Easy Recipe

Take these and remove their cover, we will grind them, into one teaspoon we have taken red chili powder, one teaspoon we have taken garam masala powder, and two tablespoons we have taken desi pure ghee, instead of this you can also take vegetable oil and Dalda ghee can also be used, we will reduce it a little. taken one teaspoon of salt. And take these eight cashew nuts.

We have ground all our ingredients, see the mincemeat has also been ground and it has become very smooth. Now we will include all the ingredients one by one. First of all, we will add coriander leaves and chopped green chilies. Add onion. We have made fine powder of the roasted gram and will include it in it. add garam masala powder. Will add red chilli powder. Will add salt.

Now Add Ingredients

And we have made cashew paste, we will also add it to this. We will add ghee, we have melted the ghee a little, and now we will mix it well with the help of our hands. We have mixed the mixture well. And now it is ready to make koftas. We have boiled and peeled the eggs to stuff them inside the minced meat. first, fry them lightly in oil. Due to this, our minced meat will stick to the eggs, otherwise, it will be removed. We will first fry the eggs lightly.

For frying, we have taken a pan, you can take any pan, you can take any vessel, and we will add about two tablespoons of oil to it. Let the oil heat up well and spread it all around the pan. Our oil has become hot, now we will add eggs to it one by one. And while stirring, they will be cooked from all sides. Light spots should appear all around them. the eggs have been fried well from all sides. Now we will turn off the flame of the gas.

And we will take out our eggs. Look, we have fried the eggs and taken them out and they have cooled slightly. Now we will take a portion of the minced meat and spread it on our hands in this manner. See, in this manner, we will place the egg in the kofta and cover it from all sides, put a little minced meat on top of it, and close it, now we will make it completely smooth by rotating it in circles in this manner.

Cooking Recipe Of Nargisi Kofta

kofta is absolutely ready. have prepared the eggs. We have filled the minced meat inside and our koftas are ready. By filling them in this way, their shape becomes a little bigger. If you want to make a smaller shape, then you can cut the eggs in half. In this way, you can grind one egg into two. Now We will tell you how to fill them.

This will make their shape a little smaller, so take a portion of the minced meat put it on top of it in this manner, and cover it from all sides. If you want to make the batter as you like, you can make it full. Fill it and if you want, halve it and fill it inside the minced meat. it covers it well from all sides and apply a little water on the palm and make it smooth. Make sure that its shape should be a little small.

If you want to make it big then you can fill the full egg and if you want to make it small then you can halve the egg and fill it inside, then we will keep this in the plate. have filled all the eggs inside the tent and got our koftas ready. These are the long-shaped koftas with full eggs and these are the gold-shaped koftas with half eggs.

Add Spices And Give Shape

You can make it that way, now will keep it aside and make koftas from the remaining minced meat. And I will prepare all my minced koftas. We have prepared koftas of all the minced meat. that our koftas are ready. Now to make its gravy, we have taken some ingredients in which we have prepared this gravy. Have made a paste of D-size onion.

We have cut one medium-sized onion very finely into slices and we have taken a little coriander, we have also cut this and kept it. Among the spices, I have taken three and a half tablespoons of coriander powder and one teaspoon. I have taken garam masala powder, a little more than half a teaspoon. taken turmeric powder, two tablespoons of red chili powder, and two tablespoons of ginger garlic paste, I have taken salt, a little more than one teaspoon, this is up to you as per your taste.

We can also take according to and I have done three tables. use curd and vegetable oil for cooking, so let’s start making. Now we will take a pan in which we will fry the eggs. add two serving spoons of oil in it. You can take the quantity of oil according to your taste. More or less the way you like. Our oil is hot, so, first of all, we will fry our onion, and fry it till it becomes lightly golden,

Fry Nargisi Kofta

After that we will take it out, our onion has become light golden in color, so now we will take it out. Keep the onion aside and take it out. Take out the onion, and spread it lightly, when it becomes crispy. Now we will add our koftas in the remaining oil. We will give them and fry them one by one. Do not overcrowd them as much as our koftas will adjust well in the pan. We will fry them by turning them from all sides and fry them till they become golden brown from all sides.

Our koftas become golden fried from all sides. Now take them out one by one. And in the same manner, we will fry the rest of our koftas and fry them golden brown from all sides. fried the rest of our koftas on low to medium flame. Now take them out one by one. fried all our dogs, now we will keep it aside and prepare the gravy, we have fried the koftas and taken them out, now in the remaining oil we will add all our hot spices.

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In the garam masala, we have taken half a teaspoon of black pepper, three cloves, three green cardamoms green cardamom, and one black cardamom. And we have taken a small piece of cinnamon stick, we will put it in oil, and let it crackle a little. So that their fragrance gets released in the oil. Now we will add ginger and garlic paste to it, mix it well, and fry the ginger garlic paste in oil for about thirty seconds.

Make Gravy For Nargisi Kofta

So that its smell goes out. Now we will add onion paste in it, mix it also, and reduce the gas flame to medium. We will fry the onion very well for about three to four minutes on medium flame. So that its rawness goes away and its sweetness also goes away, we will dry out all the water from it and fry it till it turns light brown.

Onion, our water has dried up. And it has become light brown in color, it has been roasted very well. Now we will add all the powdered spices to it. add red chili powder, add kinda powder, add turmeric powder, add salt, and mix it well with onion. Along with this, we will also add some water to it. So that our spices do not burn. Will reduce the flame to medium. Will mix well. And fry your spices very well for five to six minutes.

All its foul smell should go away. we have roasted the masala very well. We have roasted it by adding a little water to it for five to six minutes and now it is ready. Now we will add curd in it i.e. part with it. We crushed the onion which we had browned by hand. We will put this also in it. And mix these two well. And we will also fry the curd well with the spices, making its water happy.

Garnish And Serve Delicious Nargisi Kofta

Have also fried the curd very well with the spices for a minute. And this oil has also been completely separated. Now we will add koftas one by one and mix them well with spices. we have mixed the koftas with spices very well. Now we will add water to it. The thickness we want for our gravy. We have to pour that much water into it. approximately one-fourth glass and this thickness will be enough for our gravy. Now we will cover it and keep it aside and for about five minutes we will cook it on slow to medium flame so that our masala becomes very good in the koftas. Once observed, reduce the flame to medium.

It has been almost seven minutes since our koftas were cooked on slow to medium flame. Now turn off the gas flame. And we will add chopped green coriander to the koftas. Will add garam masala powder. Mix it well and keep it covered for about two minutes. By then the aroma of our garam masala should permeate well into the koftas. And it will happen. After two minutes we will dish it out. our very delicious Kofta is ready.

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