Easy Oreo Balls Recipe 10 Min

We’re making some delicious no-bake Oreo Balls Recipe with three ingredients so let’s get started first off grab 38 Oreos they could be any kind you like really Double Stuffed chocolate Etc we’re going to chop these up first if you want to you could put these in your food processor and whiz it up. I don’t feel like washing that today so I’m going to give them a chop and then roll them out.

Some people will tell you to crush these in a big plastic bag but the plastic bag always gets little holes in it and I worry that you’d have tiny little pieces of plastic that you’re eating which is not okay or delicious, so just get a big cutting board out chop them up and then roll them out now grab a rolling pin and just crush them up it’s super fun I like the sound of it too listen a few rolls later.

Creamy Filling with a Tangy Twist

I have a nice crumbly mixture with a few larger pieces in if you use a food processor they’ll be like great powder it’ll be mushy and delicious inside but I like a little hint of crunchiness left over it’s like creamy versus crunchy peanut butter grab a big bowl and we’re going to transfer these over grab some softened cream cheese. It should be very pliable you can even warm it in the microwave until it’s slightly melty.

if you want pop that in and you can use a hand mixer if you want you could use your stand mixer. I’m just going to do this by hand just kind of cream it up a little bit to give it a head start the cream cheese is adding a lovely Tang because those are a bit sweet and of course, it’ll hold all those crumbs together and act like a delicious glue. Now I’m going to carefully transfer these over without spilling anything.

Handcrafted Oreo Balls Assembly

Get to work my goal in doing this all by hand is just to show you that you could do this with little kids if you wanted to and it’s really fun just make sure they wash their hands now for the fun part we’re going to mix this and mush this all together until we have like a giant goopy delicious mess this recipe is a holiday favorite at the house. They look like fancy little trucks Les and you can make them well in advance and just let them sit in the refrigerator for a long time but they’re so easy to make it’s ridiculous.

By the way, if for some reason you don’t like Oreo cookies, I don’t know what the crossover is you can make this with another kind of cookie you could make like chocolate chip versions of this shortbread version. it should just be a cookie that’s kind of on the sweeter side so not like a shortbread that’s slightly sweet because the cream cheese cheese has no sugar if you’re doing that then you have to start adding a little bit of powdered sugar it kind of gets away from the basics the best way to do this is this by hand I was trying to be extra neat.

Rolling and Chilling for Optimal Shap

But let’s be real just mush it together and all of a sudden it’ll be a nice cohesive mess just get those crumbs from the bottom and smash them in and I can feel right now the texture is great it has little pieces that are crisp inside. Okay everything’s sticking together there are no errant crumbs we’re ready for the next step and all that is is grabbing about a tablespoon or so it’s kind of up to you. you can make the balls a little bit bigger give it a roll and I’m not going to bother to wash my hands.

How To Make Oreo Balls
How To Make Oreo Balls

because they’re going to get Oreo pieces on them anyway get them mostly spherical you can fix them up a little bit later and plop them down you’re going to repeat that until you have no more Oreo balls dough left as your balls are rolled plop them onto a parchment lined baking sheet and the parchment is just there to keep your baking sheet nice and clean and make sure nothing gets stuck since these are no baked Oreo balls when you roll these out by the way like.

Recipe For Oreo Balls

if they’re a little bit lopsided don’t go crazy and like get in your head about having them be perfect spheres because one they’ll be delicious either way two after they’re chilled you can give them one final like semi roll to fix any issues but they’ll be delicious anyway I love seeing the little bits of cream cheese if you want all the balls to be the same size.

it’s a best bet just to use a scale you can say everyone should be 20 G or 25 or 30 Etc these are probably around 25 G each if I had to guess one of the reasons I like this recipe and a lot of other people do too the inside is super soft and it’s like very delicious it yields to your tongue but the outside is a crisp candy shell it’s just like a good crunch with a soft moment after it.

Dipping in Melting Wafers For Oreo Balls

it’s nice and the secret is that we’re not going to use chocolate for the outside. you can if you want to in fact if you’re a baking Superstar or chocolate here at home. you can temper your chocolate by melting it having it tempered dipping it and then it’ll have that nice crunchy Chocolate shell but it’s very like it’s a lot this is an easy recipe you don’t have to do that to use a type of a candy melt which will set no matter what so you can just microwave it.

Easily it’ll melt Dip it let it set for a few minutes and it’s done plop my Oreo balls are all rolled out but if you tried to dip them now it would be a melty mess and you’d be so sad and frustrated so give these a cover pop them into the fridge for at least an hour or up to like 2 days you can make this days in advance and then we’ll be ready to go.

How To Make Oreo Balls

I have a swap out those so I’m going to do this right now. So these are chocolate chips you can melt them in the microwave if you want I’d use like a drop or two of coconut oil or lard because that’ll be set to room temperature. But if you do that your Oreo balls have to live in the refrigerator unless you temper the chocolate which as I said earlier is a whole process I don’t think you’re going to love it for a no-bake easy three-ingredient recipe.

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These guys are melting Wafers and if you want to know what they taste like they taste like Mother’s Cookies see how those cookies dipped in the white stuff with baby sprinkles that’s what they taste like took me years years to realize what that nostalgic flavor was. it was the cookies melt this in the microwave like maybe 60% power 30C bursts give it a stir in between and in no time it’ll be a melty beautiful dipping solution you go once they’re chilled melt your candy, don’t pull all those balls out at once because they’ll get too soft they should be fairly firm and here just give them one final roll so they’re nice and round dip that in.

Oreo Balls Creative Decorating Options

Now just tap off some of the excess cuz that’s too much now grab a fork and pull the skewer out and nudge that back onto the baking sheet just like that you’re going to continue this process for the rest of those Oreo balls see all of that extra candy melt. if you don’t let it kind of drizzle off you’ll have a giant pool on the bottom which is not fun.

So the absolute easiest way to decorate them is just a crumble of Oreos but if you want to be a little extra fancy just grab some chocolate chips and give them a melt and we can drizzle that over I’m going to show you what that looks like and it makes them look so fancy. I have a couple tablespoons of chocolate melted and in a Piping Bag just snip the tip off no need for a Piping Bag you could just SPO it over.

Storing and Enjoying Oreo Balls Recipe

But it’s much easier this way and now drizzle it over the side. so pretty and fancy so a couple in One Direction and a couple on another and don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect these Oreo balls will keep for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator if stored in an airtight container so you can make oreo balls. Well in advance once they’re decorated your Oreo balls are ready to enjoy or share such an easy treat that is so good the crunch of the candy shell the soft Oreo cream cheese filling it’s just delightful I hope you get a chance to make this easy Oreo Balls Recipe.

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