Great Lachha Aloo Paratha Recipe 2023

Lachha Aloo Paratha this is very simple and can be made quickly. So see here, we have one and a half cups of wheat flour, so I added this and I also added one and a half cups of all-purpose flour. Now we are taking both of them because wheat flour is healthy and by adding this all-purpose flour, the actual quantity of potatoes is reduced.

Lachha Aloo Paratha enhances its flavor and also makes good chapatti. In this, we will add one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of oil and you will wear gloves and knead the dough well. So here we have room-temperature water. I have taken two cups, And if you want to make good Lachha Parantha Aloo then the most important thing is the matching of clothes and bowls.

To make this type of dough, we use one and a quarter cups of water, we will just fry it a little, and we will not knead it completely, the reason for this is that when we knead it now, there is more time to spend and if you rush it. If we give it and after that, if we do ten-twenty seconds also, it will be great, so we cover it. And keep it aside. So now let’s take potatoes.

Lachha Aloo Paratha/Cooking Recipe

So here we have two pounds of potatoes around one kilo, we just boil them by adding a little salt, in this way we mash them a little with our hands. Although I have made Lachha Aloo Paratha. Now we will add some spices and continue to mash, the spices are like this – one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon chaat masala, one teaspoon dry mango powder, half a teaspoon celery, half a teaspoon garam masala powder,

One tablespoon of roasted cumin and two tablespoons of crushed wine are not spicy. If yours is spicy then you can add one or two teaspoons if you want. Now it will also add two tablespoons of roasted and crushed coriander. It is very simple and fun. Now we will mix them well and it will give a wonderful aroma. Now we will put about one tablespoon of oil in it.

Add Ingredients In Lachha Paratha

This is because the potatoes are very dry, so adding a little bit of this will give it a good texture and the dryness will go away. if a binding type comes out then it is done, cover it also and leave it for ten minutes till the dough is set. Look, fifteen minutes have passed so let’s take the flour with us. And now we did not even work hard, if we take the flour and do a little like this, then the dough will become so smooth and good,

The hard work that we started with, just leave it and give ten-twenty seconds in the last, then live. So we will keep half of it now and use half of it. We will make a big pedal. Now we will roll it into a big roti which should be a little less round, we would like it to be rectangular or square type. Now add dry flour to it and If we make it bigger then see this.

We rolled out a thick roti and as said, if you don’t want round then it is not round, see what kind of thickness it is. Now we will apply ghee on it, so here I have coconut oil. You can apply any such thing that gets set inside, just distribute it evenly, not too much and not too little, moderate and make a little flower dust, in this way, flower dust is formed and now we will roll it,

Add Ingridents In Lachha Paratha

This one is short, and this one is clove, so if you fold it like this from the clove portion then it will become rolled and now we will make it equal in this way so that all the layers become seven, spread it like this and this We will do it like this and even it out a little with our hands. We will tighten it a bit and make another one like this. Let’s keep it aside and prepare beans in the same manner. So this is also done, we will keep both of them together in this way,

We will cut it as per the size we want parathas, so I am making medium or small, if it does not increase then I am cutting it into 8 inches, so this is done. Whatever we have, it is ready. See here, I have placed both the pans and kept both on medium-low. And now let’s start making. So let’s take this one. Will roll it with light hands. Will just roll this much and will also roll his partner.

If we take a rolling pin of the same size, then we have to place two pans, so first we make two, then we continue so that it gets mixed, now we will put potatoes inside it since it is a potato paratha, we will put potatoes in three, we will put them like this, and now We will apply water on the edge like this, now we will place the second roti on top of it, press it with hands like this, spread it a little with hands and then turn it.

Fry Lachha Aloo Paratha On Medium Flame

So if you want to make a difference, then do it lightly with a rolling pin, do it by hand, or do it initially with hands and then do it with a rolling pin. feel free now I will definitely do it lightly with a rolling pin. So have rolled it properly and now we have kept the pan medium low, so we will keep it medium low after adding this, just again, in the same way, add a little water and keep the second roti, simple easy, and fun now.

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Turn it over and see Lachha Aloo Paratha that it has turned light in color. Now apply ghee at this point and apply whatever oil you want. I am applying oil here and also at the bottom. Now we will fry it well, so let’s go, the second one is also done. So when we put it on another pan, we saw how easy it was. We did not have to make separate pedals and the pedals were made in no time. Adding the filling is also easy.

Paratha Recipe

Everything is very easy and very fun too. It will become crispy while turning upside down. Whatever it is, if you add weight to it then it becomes very easy to bake. Lachha Aloo Paratha It also becomes crispy. It is a potato masher but it is gigantic. You will apply oil in the same way and if you want, suppose you are on a diet, then just roast it in this manner. There is no need to add oil. Even then it will be very enjoyable. Take it off and add some ghee or butter.

It will taste great now. Let’s flame it, between medium-low and low, earlier it was kept completely low, now let’s flame it between medium-low and low, ah yes, what a wonderful color Lachha Aloo Paratha it has come, so almost we have roasted each eachLachha Aloo Paratha for eight to ten minutes, so let’s take it out. When we take it, we see how instantly our potatoes turn into Lachcha Paratha, and now I try it and tell you how it tastes, see how Lachcha it is, see the sound, it is crispy and now I will break it

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