Easy Star Cinnamon Bread Recipe 15 Mins

Today we’re making a delicious showstopping Star Cinnamon Bread Recipe. so let’s get started by warming 1 cup or 240 Ms of whole milk to about 110° Pour that into the bowl of your stand mixer faded with a paddle attachment. Now we’re going to grab one packet of instant yeast that’s an ounce give that just a little stir and we’re going to let this sit for about 10 minutes until it’s nice and foamy.

If your yeast doesn’t foam up you have to start over your bread will not rise you need healthy active yeast while my yeast is blooming. I’m going to measure the flour out I want 3 and 3/4 cups or 450 G I’m going to use a scale for the most accurate results turn it on. First, if you’re using a scoop for a measuring cup that’s fine fluff your flour up in the canister, and then you’re going to sprinkle the flour into your measuring cup like that and then level it off.

Measuring and Ingredients Bread Recipe

if you scoop with your measuring cup way too much flour and just a little bit more here we go and just like that you’re going to get a perfect result if you add too much flour your Star bread recipe isn’t going to be like light and Rich and cake-like it’ll be bready and dry and denser so a scale or the proper use of a measuring cup will help you.

Here towards the end of your foam time melt 5 tablespoons of butter and grab 1/4 cup of sugar this is not like a normal bread recipe where you would see foam on top of that solution of water and sugar you made it’s waking up in a milk bath the yeast is working a little bit harder. I do see some foam but it doesn’t look crazy you can take a look once.

Creating the Dough For Star Bread Recipe

Add in your butter 5 tablespoons, and one egg I’m cracking it into a small bowl so I can be sure there is no shell fragment then you go and one 1/4 cup or 50 g of granulated sugar on top of these wet ingredients. I’m going to add my pre-measured flour 3 and 3/4 cups and one teaspoon of salt it’ll be a few minutes.

I often get questions about whether you can make this without a stand mixer and of course, you can use a hand mixer with little dough hook spirals or you could even make this by hand with a wooden spoon when my kids make pizza I just give them Wooden Spoons in a bowl and they mix it up and then knead by hand you can do that too but it is going to be more work and you’ll be here for longer so yes it works but this saves so much time.

Dividing and Shaping the Dough

This is starting to come together but I’m going to use a little spatula scrape the bowl down and bring some of this flour to the top once your dough starts coming together increase speed to medium-low and let this work for about 8 to 10 minutes until you have a sticky but elastic dough I’ll show you what that looks like and by the way you can call the star bread recipe you could call this snowflake bread recipe and either way it’s going to be delicious.

Homemade Bread Recipe
Homemade Bread Recipe

I love making this around the holidays because it has that beautiful festive shape but it’s going to be so good all year round you can make this with so many different fillings today we’re using a simple cinnamon butter mixture but I will show you so many more variations that you could do to make this recipe your own. it’s coming together but we’re going to give it some time in the meantime.

Cinnamon Bread Recipe

My dough has come together and it’s so much stretchier now but it’s not sticking to my fingers it feels sticky or tacky to the touch but nothing’s coming off so I know it’s ready to rest now my dough needs an hour to rise and double in size and we’re just going to transfer this into an oiled Bowl cover it up and into a warm and cozy place.

it goes until it’s doubled in size a little bit over an hour later my dough has doubled in size if your dough needs more time give your dough more time this dough is so rich and Laden with butter and milk and these delicious things to enrich it and make it softer that can slow the yeast. Down turn this out onto a pastry mat or a lightly flowered surface and punch it down we’re going to divide the dough into four equal pieces.

Filling and Layering the Dough

so use a knife or a bench scraper and three and four shapes each of these into a ball just kind of cup your hands together and pretend you’re making the most amazing dinner roll ever and here’s the deal for this Star bread recipe. you’re going to make like four Circle layers and a sandwich in between that your amazing filling today it’s going to be cinnamon sugar with butter but you could do a chocolate filling you could do a cream cheese filling Jam different spices.

there are so many options for you and I like anything that’s going to work in addition I’m just going to use cinnamon today cuz my boys love a cinnamon filling but you could use a pinch of cardamom all-spice nutme. you could use pumpkin pie spice apple pie spice any of these things are going to be amazing tuck those Corners in and now that’s flipped over just shape it with your hands.

Easy Bread Recipe

these guys get rolled out into 12ish inch circles I’m going to Pat these down with my hand first and let them rest just a minute while I make the filling. so like I said today it’s a cinnamon sugar filling grab half a cup or 100 g of sugar and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon add that in and just give it a mix could you add some orange zest to this and then work the zest into the sugar to make an orange sugar with cinnamon or any other spices you want will work as long as it’s delicious.

That’s done let’s roll our first circle out I love pastry mats because they have little lines here and tell you exactly how big things are when you roll just I like to keep the dough moving if you want to let it stay that’s fine just move it in different directions So satisfying getting it into the circle. Once your Dough’s rolled out grab a sheet of parchment paper or a Pat place that onto your lined baking sheet and we’re going to transfer this over.

Cutting and Shaping the Star Bread

because we have more rolling to do I just remember the next step and maybe you shouldn’t use a Sil Pad but if you are we can make it work you’re just going to be careful I melted 3 tablespoons of butter I’m going to brush my dough with it but just make sure to leave a/2 in the border around the edge we’re going to sprinkle this with a third of our filling.

So if you’re using cinnamon sugar and if you’re not whatever else you’re using sprinkled up set this aside we’re going to roll our next round of dough and repeat that process this seems like an intimidating beautiful gorgeous showstopping shape but it’s so easy to do and I think it’s much easier than braided bread recipe.

Homemade Bread Recipe

It rolled out quickly plop it right on top of my other Circle just try and line the edge up repeat the process of brushing with butter and sprinkling with your filling we’re going to do this two more times place that onto your delicious sandwich grab a 3-in round cookie cutter or a small bowl and place that right in the center do not press down just place.

This is just to protect the center from getting cut now grab a sharp knife and here’s the deal yes parch and paper you can cut on top of it no one cares if it gets cut don’t you cut my silicone mats but the silicone mat is so much more sturdy it held the dough together and made this way easier carefully but confidently cut this into quarters now.

Bread Recipe

if you have kids at home or are struggling with part-hole relationships yourself this is the best math lesson ever a hole is cut into quarters and we’re going to divide these by two twice so take each of these quarters and divide by two again and you’ll have eight pieces this is the kind of math that kids want to do just putting that out there.

If you’re a teacher this isn’t going to look good until we do it one more time divide each of these into two and you’ll have 16. You can already see how pretty it’s going to be when these layers are exposed and the final one here’s the only part that might be confusing if you’re reading it but if you watching it it is so easy to grab two pieces and twist them away from each other three times.

Then we’re going to pinch the edges together to create one of our star legs. Now repeat the process grab the next two pieces once twice three times pinch the edge together and then stretch the point out to create that beautiful star shape as you twist it’s going to take shape so really it’s almost four times it’s like three and 1/2 if you have little points just tuck them under because those could Scorch or take on too much color in the bake.

Egg Wash, and Baking Bread Recipe

Once you’re happy with the shape cover loosely with a tea towel and just let this set for 25 to 30 minutes until it’s noticeably puffed in the meantime preheat your oven to 375 and we’re going to whip up a quick egg wash about half an hour later my bread is noticeably puffed crack an egg into a small bowl one egg and about a tablespoon of water mix it up brush all over with the egg wash.

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I’m being gentle with my star brush and using a nice delicate brush since ready to go into the oven at 375 for 25 minutes but after 10 minutes. I would cover this in foil so it doesn’t Brown too quickly. if you notice it’s looking a little dark get the foil out cover it up and just finish baking it.

Star Cinnamon Bread Recipe

Then we’ll give it one final touch after baking allow your star bread recipe to cool for about 20 minutes then Dust with powdered sugar ever so lightly and you’re ready to enjoy this star bread recipe so clearly it’s beautiful this dough is beyond pillowy soft and tender. I hope you get a chance to make this bread recipe.

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