Delicious Kadhi Pakora Recipe 2023

Kadhi Pakora recipe. I will tell you many tips and tricks. here, I have put together the ingredients of the pakora and the curry. let’s go to the recipe, all the things will be discussed in detail, first of all, I have made half a kg lassi of curd and we have gram flour, then the cook will add two spoonfuls of it. And you have to take old curd so that the curd that is is a little sour.

So sour lassi will be made then your embroidery will be more fun. So in this, you have to do it, you can also mix it. In this, we make milkshakes if you can’t mix them properly. So there should be no kernels, pour half a cup of cooking oil inside your lovely kadhai and heat it.So when it gets hot, add an onion to it. And you have to clean the cups so that nothing is spilled.

Add Ingredients In kadhi Pakora

So we will brown the onion well here. So take a light brown color, one spoonful of ginger garlic paste, and ginger garlic paste also take onion for five to six minutes and you have to cook ginger garlic paste for three to four minutes well. After that, you have to take a beautiful red tomato, you can eat it. It’s a lot of fun. So they add a pure red tomato mix it and cook it well.

A little water is added so that the tomato which is cooked well will go into it. half a teaspoon of red chili powder, add a little more and this is turmeric, this is also half a tablespoon. And here we have salt. Half a teaspoon will do. And here we have dried coriander, half a teaspoon, and here is crushed red chili, two pinches, so I will tell you again what these spices are.

Cooking Recipes Kadhi Pakora Of With Easy Steps

Now the point of hard work on the masala was that you have to cook the masala well for at least twelve to thirteen minutes and see that the masala will tell you that it is ready. The water will dry well and all the masala will become creamy. then just bring onion and tomato and this masala at home is so much fun. Now this basin which we did inside the lassi is done. So put it in, there should be no kernels in it.

There are two ways of making Kadi. One is that cook the empty lassi and besan without roasting the masala and add tarka at the end. Ginger or garlic is a different recipe, I have to roast the spices like this first. You will add a little water and you will not think that it will be cooked in ten minutes, it is not at all. You have to cook it for at least one and in the meantime you feel that it is getting thick then you have to add water to it and then keep it on the side on medium flame

Make Pakora For Kadhi

So that it Can be cooked well, and the rawness will be gone. On the other side, we make pakoras.You will see the cutting carefully. Onion, I have taken one onion and this is potato. We have taken one cup of eggplant. Now you can see the cutting of eggplant. All you have to do is make it small, don’t make it thick, and don’t leave any stuff in between the cups. Please appreciate it. Inshallah, blessings will also come.

This is a small cup of cabbage. I will give you its recipe soon, so all these things are very interesting. Here we have half a teaspoon of salt. Here we have turmeric one-fourth tablespoon dry coriander powder half a spoon you can complete it people like it more. Cumin powder will be added to half a spoon and this is kuti. The difference between red chili pepper and powder is that it is slightly hotter and has a very strong aroma.

Add Spices And Some Vegetables

So these things now I did not add besan to these yet because first I will apply the spices well on these vegetables and mix them well. If I had added gram flour here, the mixing would not have been good. This is two hundred grams of gram flour. About half a loaf. So now we will know them well and mix them and then add water otherwise the quantity of water will not be known.

So a small cup of water will be enough because we Don’t make it too thin. You have to mix it well so that nothing is left behind here is a tip that I will give you when we make the pakoras, you have to do it carefully, not mixing is a very important thing,s. Let’s do it. So here you can check its taste, whether there is more or less salt and chili. So see the curry we had here is getting cooked.

You have to keep stirring the spoon in between so that it does not stick to the bottom and when it becomes thick you have to add water to it. Now I have added water to it twice, so it is cooked for at least and then the taste comes in it. So on the other hand, what we will do is put cooking oil inside our lovely and beautiful pan because now we have to fry the pakodas and cook them here.

Fry Pakora Properly

So this is the first oil I had for frying, so I used that too. So this much oil will be enough. Now let it heat properly. Then add pakoras inside it. And here is the tip that I want to give you very important, put pakoras, neither our hands are touched with water and what we do with the same hand is that we hold the spoon and start shaking them and the water starts falling.

It is inside the oil and whatever is in the oil bounces. So it is smeared with gram flour. Now you have to move your pakoras by holding a spoon or anything else. What will happen in this way is that your oil will not bounce. add pakoras, the oil should be fully hot. After that, when you have to turn the pakoras, you have to slow down the flame. I cooked these pakoras for about seven to eight minutes.

Add Pakora In Kadhi And Serve With Roti

If you cook it for less than seven to eight minutes, it will burn. Now the thing is that if your pakoras get burnt in such a time, then when you have to turn them for the first time, then you have to reduce the flame to medium, Will add the pakoras again and I will increase the flame to high. You can tell from the side how hot the oil is. The oil should be this hot, not less. these pakoras that I had taken out, are crispy.

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And a lot of colors came because when I added the pakoras, the temperature of the oil was high. Now how low the temperature of the oil is in the pan below, So, it is crunchy and crispy from here, so let me repeat it again, the rawness of the gram flour is completely gone, the aroma is wafting and our very creamy curry is ready. You can also add curry leaves to it.

So that is an optional thing, it is up to you. We will take three green chillies, of beautiful size which are rich in Vitamin C and now we will add as many of them to our Kadhi Pakora as we want. I have kept the rest aside. Here we add coriander to it and mix it. Look at the color once, I add coriander to it, you have to bring it softly with a spoon, check the thickness, and don’t even put a plate. In the bowl.

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