No Bake Chocolate Mud Pie Recipe 30 Min

Today we’re making one for all the chocolate lovers out there. It’s the Chocolate Mud Pie Recipe done the best way ever with an Oreo cookie crust. Just amazing chocolate custard filling it up. It’s gonna blow your mind and it’s not a low-calorie treat, but let’s get started! Start by chopping six ounces of bittersweet chocolate. That’s six exact ounces. But, you know, you can estimate it up.

You wanna give it a chop, so when we stir it into our hot mixture later on, it’ll melt up easily. You don’t have any chunks to worry about. Chop, Once your chocolate is all chopped up, you can set it aside and we can work and we can work on our Oreo crust or generic chocolate cookie crust. Whichever you prefer.

Oreo Cookie Crust

I counted out 24 Oreos exactly that are gonna go, By the way, if you love Oreos or even if you mildly like them, you’ve gotta check out my Oreo cake. I don’t even like Oreos, to be honest, but, in buttercream, mixed up, they are, like, transcendently good. Whiz in five tablespoons of melted unsalted butter. Those Oreos have a lot of salt in them. No extra salt is needed.

Chocolate Pie Recipe
Chocolate Pie Recipe

Dump all that Oreo goodness onto your pie tin or dish, pie dish. And, now, you can spread it around. This is gonna be partially done with some kind of flat, flat instrument to press down, but also with your clean hands. They are gonna be the best tool. Just tamping it down. You need to press this mixture together so it becomes a little bit stronger.

Pressing and Whisking

And then, you’re gonna use this tool to press towards the corner to bring some of that material up and form a border. This is pretty basic. I’m sure most of you have done these at home. But, just in case, I always like to take you through all the steps. Now it’s time to use our fingers and press down. Press, press, press. This is not gonna be a gorgeous pie crust. It’s just a delicious and easy Mud Pie Recipe.

Anyways, continue till you have four, or five egg yolks. Whisk ’em up. And we’re gonna set it aside, easy to get tempered later on. So, in the medium bowl, whisk up half a cup of milk and a quarter a cup of cornstarch. You want like a nice uniform slurry, not big lumps. All right, set that aside. And now, for the last little bit of mixing.

Mud Pie Recipe

Into a medium saucepan, you’re gonna add in one cup of cream, 240 ml. Delicious. One half of a cup of milk. A generous quarter teaspoon of salt. Two-thirds of a cup of sugar. And we’re gonna whisk this up. And now, transfer it to medium-high heat. My milk mixture is warming up and continuing to stir, I’m adding in half a teaspoon of instant espresso right now. This is optional, but I love the way the coffee flavor brings out the chocolate. It’s come to a boil.

Taking it off of the heat right now. I have my whisked-up eggs in a large bowl, where they should have been all along. Give that starch mixture a whisk and add that in. Get that all in there. Mix it up. And now, we’re gonna temper the eggs by slowly drizzling in the hot milk mixture. This is just gonna get rinsed out quick and then we’re gonna put it back on the heat.

Thickening Mixture

Pour that milk mixture back in, carefully don’t spill! And we’re gonna whisk this until it comes to, like, a boil and this thickens up. All right, it’s starting to thicken up. I can feel it with my whisk. Once that happens, you really wanna keep stirring, and stir a bit harder. You can see on the bottom how it’s beginning to thicken up. We can reduce the heat now to medium, and cook for an additional minute.

Time to take it off the heat. If you notice some fat separating because we put a lot of cream in there, people, just whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk and it’ll all reincorporate and look really, almost like butterscotch. This tastes good, I’ve been sneaking some bites. Time to add in our six ounces of chopped chocolate. The chocolate will help cool the mixture down and make it a delicious chocolate pie.

Vanilla Touch and Glossy Finish

I’m also gonna add a splash of vanilla. It’s optional as well, but why not? That was about a teaspoon. All right now let’s stir it together. This is already, like, insane. There we go. And I would whisk this up until it’s nice homogenous and glossy. It’ll also help cool the mixture down just a bit before we add it to our pie shell. Let’s give it a little taste test. Let’s pull that chocolate pie crust out of the freezer and dump this in.

Add that all in there. Then, just give it a swirl so that it, looks a little more pretty. A little more purdy. Because this chocolate pie is all about indulgence, before I pop it into the fridge to chill, I’m gonna coat it with chocolate ganache. This is like silky, amazing deliciousness. You can do a one-to-one ratio of, like, bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate and cream melted together, or a two-to-one ratio.

Ganache Drizzle On Chocolate Pie

This is somewhere in between. So, just drizzle it on, all over. This’ll get covered up by whipped cream, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect-looking. But this is gonna be amazing. This is like a chocolate lover’s dream. That is all covered, ready to go into the fridge and set. You can serve this, like, at the end of the day, so maybe, like, in four hours or so, or you can just make this the night ahead, top it with whipped cream and some crushed Oreos before serving.

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What we’re gonna do is swap out and whip some up right now. We’re topping this chocolate pie off with a mound of whipped cream, so let’s add in two cups of heavy whipping cream. For the two cups, we’re adding in a quarter cup of confectioners’ sugar. Whip that up along with a splash of vanilla. Keep an eye on this. So that’s whipped up and time to assemble. Pile that whipped cream onto that chocolate pie.

Easy Chocolate Pie Recipe

Use the spatula to spread it around. Then, add some shaved chocolate to the top for a finishing touch. You could also add crumbled Oreos if you prefer. I see why they call it mud pie recipe. Okay, if you love chocolate, this Mud Pie Recipe is for you. It is like, I mean, I made this rich, people. The coffee we added, seemed like a lot at first ’cause I was testing the custard. It doesn’t poke through that hard right now. It’s all about accentuating the chocolate flavor in this chocolate lover’s dream!

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