Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe 20 Min

We’re making a Delicious, Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe. So let’s get started. First off, set your oven to 350. We want it nice and hot. And most importantly, take a look at your bananas. This is a banana bread recipe and I would say this is gonna be a delicious banana to eat. This is almost ripe enough to use for baking but we want it to be like a stinky banana that’s like super mushy, like the opposite of what I’d ever want to eat.

There’s a solution for that though, so we’re gonna pop these into the oven 350 for about 10 minutes or until they blacken up. When they bake in the oven, it’ll break them down, kinda like break those sugars down, and make them perfect for baking. Plop those onto a baking sheet. You want three bananas, about one and a half cups. I’m baking four just because these are a little bit small.

Mixing the Dry Ingredients

While the bananas are baking up, it’s time to get the dry ingredients together. So into a large bowl, I want 1 3/4 cups of all-purpose flour. That’s 210 grams. To puff things up, a teaspoon of baking powder and half a teaspoon of baking soda. I also want half a teaspoon of sea salt for a bit of contrast. In my banana bread recipe, I always like to use sea salt because it’s a nice, mellow salty flavor. Salt can be different.

By the way, like if you’re using Diamond brand salt for whatever reason, it’s like half as salty as normal salt. So, be forewarned. And if you’re using an iodized salt, it’s a very harsh salt flavor. So go with sea salt, you’ll be happy. Grab a whisk and we’re just gonna whisk this up and set it aside. This banana bread recipe is so easy and it’s one of my son Lachlan’s favorite things to make on the weekend.

I always like to do baking activities. It’s like we’ll make pizza together we’ll do like simple breads like this. And the kids can take it to school in their snack box and enjoy it and tell their friends, like, I made this. And it’s a nice moment. But this banana bread recipe is just plain delicious. So, it’s a must-make. Set this aside. Our scaling is done.

Whipping the Butter and Sugar For Bread Recipe

And now we’re gonna grab our stand mixer and whip our butter until it is nice and fluffy. You could do this with an electric hand mixer though if you wanted to. Now, into the bowl of your stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment or a big bowl if you’re using an electric mixer. You want 1/2 a cup or 113 grams of beautiful, room-temperature butter.

And when I say room temperature, I can bend the stick. It’s not breaking. And it yields to the touch fairly easily. It resists a bit though. So, room temperature can be anything from melting to ice cold, depending on where and when you are. But in a banana bread recipe when it says that, imagine the butter is yielding to the touch. But you have to like press, you get to press down a bit. If it’s too cold, it just won’t fluff up. And if it’s too hot, it just won’t fluff up.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

And you want that air packed in so your bread is beautiful and light and amazing. Beat this on medium-high for about three minutes until it is light and fluffy. You’ll see the color change, it’ll become lighter, and the texture will be whipped and cloudy. It makes a big difference. And when people’s recipes don’t turn out, it’s either mismeasuring the flour, or the butter is not whipped up properly.

Those are the two main culprits. That and overmixing. Three minutes. Just a few minutes later, and I hope you can tell this is like a butter cloud. Let’s take a look at how pretty this is, whipped and beautiful. You can see from the texture, it’s amazing. Scrape your bowl down. You don’t wanna have any kind of weird, solid butter pieces in this mixture at all. And now I have to tell you about the sugar. You have a choice.

Best Banana Bread Recipe

In the banana bread recipe, I’m just calling for sugar. I want 150 grams or 3/4 of a cup. If you use plain sugar, like granulated sugar, it’ll be delicious. If you use brown sugar, I think it’ll be even more delicious. And brown sugar just has that moisture from the molasses and it’ll keep the bread moist for longer. So in a butter-based bread especially, you want to have some little extra trick to help you out.

And in this case, it’s the brown sugar. I’m gonna add about half of the brown sugar. So I’m using about 80 grams of brown sugar. And for the rest, it’ll be granulated. I like using granulated sugar as well because it gives you a fluffier texture with the butter, in my opinion. I do wanna control the moisture in this bread ’cause the bananas have a ton of water. Take a look at your brown sugar and look for any giant lumps. Those are not acceptable. And break those up.

Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe
Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Your mixer is strong, it can do a lot of work, but you just don’t want to have like a giant sugar lump for it to deal with. It’s not fun. Those don’t mix well. And then what happens is, that’s in your batter, the sugar just melts and you have this weird empty sweet void. Add that to the butter. I’m gonna mix this up for about three more minutes until it is again light and fluffy.

Adding Eggs and Vanilla For Bread Recipe

I will be scraping the bowl down at least one more time. I need two large eggs for this. I do not need any eggshells. So in a separate bowl, just crack your eggs and make sure there are no shards of shell hanging around. That would not be tasty. Add the eggs one at a time. On the top of this soupy and ridiculous on the bottom, it is so compacted. This is why we’re scraping the bowl down.

If you’re using an electric hand mixer and you can rake the bowl with your beaters, you won’t have to scrape down at all or nearly as much. Last egg in, along with one teaspoon of vanilla. And by the way, if you want to add any flavors to this, go for it. You could add in cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cardamom, and anything your heart desires will be nice in this. Make this banana bread recipe your own.

Mashing Bananas and Combining Ingredients

If it was cinnamon, I would go with a teaspoon. For everything else, I would do 1/4 of a teaspoon to start, and then see how you like that, and adjust next time. This is nice and mixed. And look at my bananas. What a difference a couple of minutes made. If you could feel this, they feel like pudding now, which is the perfect consistency for banana bread recipe

So just a little bit of time in the oven is all you need. I let them cool down on the countertop for a few minutes after they came out because you do not want scalding hot bananas. They should be room temperature-ish. That goes there. Grab your bananas, slice them open, and then just pop them into your measuring cup. They smell good too. Like a proper baking banana.

Easy Banana Bread Recipe

I used four bananas and I’ll have just enough. When you bake the bananas, they lose a lot of their structure, so they’ll be slightly less in volume. And all I need to mash them up is just a knife or a fork because they’re so gooey. Love that sound. The baking torture show. Everything’s all ready. With the mixer on low, add your flour in gradually.

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I’ll still see some streaks, and in fact, I’m just gonna use my spatula and kind of bring this together a bit and scrape the bowl down. Overmixing is, I would say, the number two culprit with just making a baked good not go right. You’ll activate the flour’s gluten, which is a protein that can kind of give you that wonderful bready texture with a chew and a stretch, which we love in bread. But even this is called bread, it’s cake.

Adding Chocolate Chips and Baking

So we don’t want to have any kind of a chewy, tough texture. I wanna have it to be light and fluffy and melt in your mouth. I still see some streaks of flour in here. At this point, it’s a stir-together batter and you can’t screw it up no matter how hard you try. So mix that in, just like that. That’s all you need. Maybe 10 seconds of mixing.

The rest we’re gonna add in right now while mixing on low. Grab a 9×5-inch loaf pan. Give it a couple of sprays. You could also butter and flour it if you prefer. And just before you add your batter in, just give it one last pass with your spatula and make sure the bottom looks like the top. Level the surface of the spatula.

Best Banana Bread Recipe

Sprinkle the top with your reserved chocolate chips. My chocolate chip banana bread recipe is ready to go into the oven. 60 minutes at 350. And then I’ll show you how golden and delicious it looks. Give your bread a slice. And just like that, it’s ready to enjoy. That is pillowy soft, pure banana flavor studded with gooey chocolate throughout.i Hope You like This best banana bread recipe.

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