Great Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll Recipe With 3 Chutney

Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll recipe that is too much to make, but very quick to make Paratha rolls at the same time, I have three ways with your quick sauces. Let’s start. First of all, I will marinate the chicken here and buy four hundred grams of chicken here cutting is taken in this way had done the chicken I cleaned and washed it well dried it well, and sifted it inside the bowl.

First include itKarungi half a teaspoonAdd half the salt as well teaspoon of red pepperI will add two pinches of powder turmeric powder equal to two pinchesI will add white pepper if you want, use black pepper not, then you also have black paper use. half short add a spoonful of food masala, ½ tspAdd crushed garlic. I will add half a teaspoon of crushed ginger and I will include four foods in a spoonful of curd.

Four in this way soon curd into it will include. Now tablespoon of curd inside. Yogurt seems a little less. Because of this, I took a spoonfulcurdI will do it and keep it for good the spices inside the chicken from good to rich and good to good chicken pieces are ready I will keep one included in it will do it by adding flour to the cupIt will be stepped On, this way always check it out should be used only after filtering the cup more inside

Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll

The strainer will add flour to it as well I will check and give the total here I will use a cup of flour can eat the whole stomach and will add a small half inside a tablespoon of saltIt will be maxed out by stomach salt will mix it well and put a little water in it one prepare by making soft dough very delicious paratha roll they are ready. the dough is so softOur dough is ready for the Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll. I am included in itKarungi .

Two tablespoons of cooking oil by adding cooking oilKnead it well again. You did it again. fluffy as soft as parathasThey will be ready. I knead the dough well pasted. Now I’m over iI will apply a little cooking oil and brush it well with cooking light cooking oilYes, I now do it this wayLet it stay for two to three minutes. After two to three minutes do it againWe will glue this way to youAgain it has to be kneaded.

One to two minutes you again this wayKnead well. It has become soft, How shiny the texture is ready to .become a very soft seadoughDone now I covered itNow I to your three types of sources take it here have been a lot of mint, a lot of whole coriander Three green chilliesLongi, a little garlic, a little ginger. Very healthy chutneyFirst of all’ll take a blender jug.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Inside First I’ll add mint, Wash the mint wellDry it and put it against. Now I will pour a lot of coriander, and chilies, along with it also includes ginger, and garlic only in small quantity will put around one-third teaspoon I will put it will put a tablespoon inside lemon juice Add lemon juiceThe color of the chutney is very fresh blended in my bowl.

You see, it has been taken out inside I have two more little The bowl taken inside one will add three tablespoons and put this sauce The chutney is readyChutney inside it. and well on to the second chutney. now the second will include four meals inside. Spoon curd put the curd, I used whipped curd now inside it again I will add green chutney, green chutneyAdd it and mix it

Well, the Chicken Tikka Paratha Roll Cup is very tasty and ready. Paratha Rolls all three chutneys are ready. I will serve chutneys on the side and will include a pan inside that will do two tablespoons of cooking. Oil well by adding cooking oil. Spread cooking oil on the pan will include marinated chicken we had marinated it all. I will include chicken in it

Paratha Roll Recipe With Easy Steps

will mix like this You have done this thoroughly two to three times.Have to mix it. I have done it two to three times have mixed it with. Now I put some water inside it will include. including water it well and lightly and leave it to cook on flame. On the other side, our dough is also good been set since.

Now paranthas’s start making. First of all, I will dust a little flour. Now we will place the dough on top of thisroll it a little bit. a little bit like this will roll now we begin cutting it with the help of all in this five portions will divide like thisFive parathas are ready here. Now I will do it with the help of scraper all five portions in this manner will separate them now

paranthas’s start making. First of all, I will dust a little flour. Now we will place the dough on top of thisroll it a little bit. a little bit like this will roll now we begin cutting it with the help of all in this five portions will divide like thisFive parathas are ready here. Now I will do it with the help of a scraper all five portions in this manner separate them now. I have five of these five portions and will prepare this by making pedals.

Cook Chicken On Low Flame

Now on the other side, we have chickenLet’s take chicken’s cooking well, we cook it on low flame. We have given its spice to It has to dry. that the masala has dried well. the chicken clearly is ready. chicken on the side in between I will make a hole inside it will keep aluminum foil now I will put it on aluminum foil placing burnt coal in it and add a little above cooking oil.

You can use cooking oil you can also use ghee Instead after adding cooking oilWill cover it with coal very smokey. A delicious flavor will come from two. I did this for a good three minutes the coal was covered and kept in its I removed it from the inside then it will be Let’s start making parathas with the help of hands, weed the tree

Now we will flatten it and roll it out. We will start this tree like this made a fine round bread You have to get it ready by rolling it. easily roll out a thin rotiHave to prepare, that I rolled out a fine rotiI have prepared it and will apply it on top of this. Desi ghee if you wish to cook after applying desi ghee property thoroughly with the help of a brush will spread it on the sides.

Make Balls With Dough

If you don’t have a brush even with the help of my hands I can spread dust and a little flour on top of itNow I will do a knife like this with your help, and we will cut it from end to end. Now cut from one sideWill start rolling it androlling to the other end way you will rest and relaxWe have to keep rolling it with this rolling it I am in the same manner as you are at ease.

Roll it to the other end easily it rolls very interesting preparation of paranthas roll will become more Because of this, I am now aI will prepare the pedal and get it ready. you press it inwardsGotta stay and keep it rollingThis is how we press and roll. Have to stay and keep pressing the roll keep doing your wonderful work now we will prepare all the things and get them ready.

Will buy another tree from this tree and add some flour will make the tree a little biggeryou can enlarge it. press well with hands can grow a little even though I will use some flour and dust again. I will turn to the other side to put a little flour on it After thoroughly it is fineWe will roll the roti and get it ready. Brush thoroughly after rolling.

Fry Paratha With Desi Ghee

With your help, I will grease it with ghee. push it up again and do a little flour on it like the first bread will also be cut in this way and this will start rolling from one enrolling to the other and this way you will go comfortably rolling it to the other end to be carried and rolled very easily goes rolling like this prepare a pedal out of this too. Will take.

After adding some flour this will keep the tree on top of it. goodFlatten it with the help of your hands you will do it like this handsFlatten it well with the help of a little bit of this will make it bigger, on the other side will turn, better than the other side lay it flat like this will take. Now it’s his turn to roll, Parantha is ready.

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Now fry it first’ll have a hot plate if you want. also using a frying pan. I can do this well will heat it. pan wellIt has become hot. Now I will put it on top. Parantha which we made and ready. like this will prepare it and get it ready. nicely flat with the help of hands-first will do it again and roll it out nicely.Will make paratha. now I will turn the side like this.

Plate Out Paratha

Now after some time, its side will turn again. above I will apply cooking oil. now iI will put a spoon on Apply cooking oil again and change the side. very crunchy like our parantha Will be ready. you did wellIt has to be cooked on low flame. Will change again like this. Well, we will fry itParantha is ready. Now put it inside my plate and apply cooking oil, cooking oil applied well on its side will turn. nicely goldenCook until it turns brown.

Will fry. very quickly is a simple recipe. This is inevitable in the recipe. All the paranthas are ready. Have done. Picking up a paratha and I will keep it on the board like this. well, this will spread the entire parathaAbove. Now I will put the chicken on Grind tikka chicken in this way will line up. of chicken After grinding, II will put cuttings in rings onto one onion.

Garnish And Serve With Chutney

onion like this will put it on the paratha like this will put it from. Now that I’m over it will apply the chutney like this will put it on top of this. Will come this way now I have rolled it will start doing it like this make the roll and get it ready. Now last a toothpick inside will inject it in such a way that is well-tied and open.

Now another one like this will also make a paratha Will take the paratha and put it on top mint mayonnaise and spread it with mint mayonnaise Now I will put the chicken on it with Tikka cubes like this and enclose it. there was a line for this tool will give it now I will apply it on top of thisOnions cut into rings now I will put it like we did and apply chutney on it last.

The chutney we had prepared was for this will put it on top like this you have to put it from. nicely after applying the chutney comes the turn to roll it. roll by holding and pressing from one sideWill start doing and the other will take you till. at last, it insert a toothpick inside will give. Now in the same manner the rest of the parantha rolls should be ready. Have done.

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